Mashujaa Day Celebration at Mama Ngina Waterfront

This is a good change but Unye nowadays looks like Mzee Jomo sana.

He’s getting fat same as his handshake brother.

I first heard of names Ali salim manga and sammy lui in the 80s as a kid. can’t believe they are still the leading MCs at presidential public functions

When did Kenya acquire cobra helicopters.
It’s the 1st time am seeing them.

Hapana lecturer ngombe hii, Hao ni waliovuma, inaitwa reminiscing about the good old days

mathice mambo security tuwachie, wewe burudikia Kwa roof juu bila wasiwasi ,angani Tuko imara

Niaje Grandfeu.

who the hell is that?


I think everybody on the other side is impersonated

Amani na upendo fattens people.

As usual BABA steals the show. Ruto amelazimishwa aunge mkono handshake. Hustler Amelenga hio maneno mbaya. Huyu mtu ni kichwa ngumu sana aende huko.

No, not this one.
His footprints are unmistakable.

Atheists hope mumeskia president. Kenya is a prayerful and God fearing nation, that acknowledges the Supremacy of God.

Musituletee hio upuzi yenu ati atheism.