Mashida za MGTOW...Teacher Sets Himself on Fire in Vihiga


A secondary school teacher committed suicide on Sunday by setting himself on fire in his house in Vihiga in a suspected case of depression.
Mr Daniel Ingoro, a Biology and Geography teacher at Hobunaka Secondary School, was due for retirement in six months.
Confirming the incident, County Police Commander Hassan Barua said the teacher was seen buying petrol at a nearby gas station. He then locked himself in his house and set it ablaze on Sunday evening.
“Witnesses informed us that he had bought petrol and locked himself in the house before setting it on fire,” Mr Barua said on Monday.
[SIZE=4]The commander added that[/SIZE][SIZE=7] the teacher divorced his wife 40 years ago and never remarried.[/SIZE]
Hobunaka Secondary School Principal William Sunguti said the school is in shock, especially because the deceased prayed for the school after a staff meeting on Friday.
“After closing a staff meeting, he prayed and left for home. He did not show any signs of depression,” said Mr Sunguti.
The school head described Mr Ingoro as a reserved man who shared his issues with only a few people.
Vihiga branch Kuppet Executive Secretary Nebert Isambe added: “It is unfortunate we have lost our member, there are speculations that he took his life, we urge teachers to share the challenges they are facing.”
Mr Isambe described Mr Ingoro, who recently lost his mother, as a quiet man who was perfect at his job.
On Monday evening, the teacher’s family protested claims by the police that the teacher set himself on fire.
Ms Khadija Mumawi, the victim’s niece, wondered why the police rushed to brief the media.
“They (police) were in a hurry to brief the media yet they are still collecting information from the family,” said Ms Mumawi.
County commander Mr Hassan Barua said investigations were ongoing.
“Once we are done with investigations, we will forward the file to the DPP for directions,” said Mr Barua.

Why would I immolate myself? That question might take a million years to get an answer.

I always tell myself this niki pushes na iyo pepo ya suicide I will ask myself Kama nimekula lunch if yes I must eat supper then ndio niende kuzimu Kama nimeshiba and the cardinal luhya law of chakula is that the next meal is important than the last:cool:

wanaume wanyonge

i expected @Truman Capote to bring such stories not you …

Such a painful suicide. why not just die peacefully by carbon monoxiding yourself?

The death of a coward man is not news. This world needs brave men who face their challenges head on. Mbegu mbaya will always be removed through natural means, such as suicide.

I know that man very well, he has had conflicts with too many people in the locality. Too many cases involving land disputes with other people. And he did not divorce his wife 40 years ago considering hata retirement hajaenda which means he was just approaching 60.

Alikua mwizi wa shamba ama?

Hii jina inamaanisha aje na kiluje?
@uwesmake saadia…

unless the dumb writer anajaribu kusema mzee alioa kaa yuko 14, wakaishi miaka kama minne halafu akamtaliki. Iweje anaelekea 60 [hence retirement] na alidivorce wife more than 40 years ago?

sounds dangerous whatever it is

ama alioa na 19 wakakaa one year…na si writer…ni afande amesema

wan ear haiwezi - ukizingatia kwamba hajaenda retire bado. Retirement is at 60. Afande anasema he divorced his wife 40 years ago. Ama he is not quite sure?

Kind of, akilipa mwenyewe halfway anaanza stori mob ndio asimalize deni. Sometimes using courts to intimidate the rightful owner of the land.

Then the police shouldn’t rule out foul play. Hizi koti za Kenya zinashida.

:oops::oops::oops::oops::oops: you’ve thought out your options?