Masculinity under attack - USA leads the way

I don’t agree with the county women rep seat. It should be abolished because it goes against the principle of universal suffrage. One man, one vote, choose your representative for your interests. Half of the votes a woman rep gets are from men, but the bulk of its benefits and representation is for women. It is ‘positive discrimination’ they say.
PS: I left my county women rep vote blank.

I unfollowed some Patel something bitch from SA who is a Twitter big wig with brains. today she had a bitchy behavior looking for recognition for a tweet which meant well for moms day until she was on every half brain bitch who c+p’ed. anyways women can’t be equal to men but different as long as they bleed and get fucked.

Reverse discrimination

For a ‘superior’ being you are really bitter. Why should ‘inferior’ beings who bleed and get fucked get you so worked up? It doesnt add up.

bitchy behavior Issa no

Its called Affirmative action. This is a principle favoring those who suffer from marginalization and discrimination. Women are atleast 50% of the population meaning their marginalisation is way worse than that of any minority group like Ogieks or PWDs. One example of women’s marginalisation. In agriculture, women make up 80% of the workforce -menial labor but women own less 1% of the means of production -the land.

Now let us come let us reason together , weka emotions and this boy child victim mentality aside. Lets do the math- if women are 50% of the population what is the % of women in political representation? Shouldnt it then be 50/50? Only 69 of Kenya’s 349 members of parliament are women. That is 19%. Even the number of women who run fall short especially because of economic and cultural barriers. Now in 47 counties if you look at the census, no county has less than 40% women population. Women from every county have different interests and recquire a dedicated rep for the women in their county based on their numbers. If women are marginalised, they need that dedicated representation because that means they need even more representation based on the fact that theyre many and theyre marginalised. PWDs can have a few reps nationally lobbying for their group interests because ni wachache but women are half the population and they are not homogenous meaning that even a women rep from Meru county can not represent women in Tharaka Nithi county which is a neighbouring county. Women in Nithi face different challenges from those in Meru county. So women need 47 women’s reps every county a rep to represent the interests of the women in that county because women’s interests are very distinct from men’s and also women are custodians of other marginalised groups like the poor, the youths, the disabled and the elderly. Women rep does not only handle women’s issues but is a champion for women representation. Now a woman in every county has a voice in parliament. Challenges affecting women in all 47 counties now can get to the floor of parliament.

Why can’t women vote for women leaders yet they are the majority of the voters? Woman rep is a useless position same with nominated MP’s, MCA’s and Senators.

They’re their own worst enemy