Masaibu ya @Meria Mata


MMNN boss found out he bit more than he could chew this afternoon when he decided to confront a bus driver. Within a few minutes his fellow truckers had come to his rescue and word on the ground is that an all out war has been declared between the two groups.

@Meria Mata Was it a case of road rage or was it Mutheu related? Leta hekaya.

Hiyo ni Transline?
@Eng’iti , inchu.

Hahaha hapo sawa :D:D

Nah Meria sounds more like “the I know people” type of guy hakai mtu wa kurusha ngumi.

what’s the cause of the fight

People who do not know how to fight should not do it. They look like fools scrapping.

Si utueleze Mutheu, nimekuona hapo nyuma ya cabin ukichungulia while sobbing. Transline ilifanyia nini turela?

I almost died of laughter when I saw the bus driver throw a spinning kick mpaka akaanguka mwenyewe.
Clearly he has watched all Bruce Lee’s movies.


Tihihi mateke zinatoka kila mahali

Niko na blackbelt bro but was tipsy kiasi