Masaibu ya kuoa singu matha


Embrace egoism

A man’s back up in old age is his wealth

A woman’s back up is her children

Some of these stories raise more questions than answers and sometimes they border jaba hekayas

Don’t such things happen in real life?

Never underestimate the number if SIMPs surrounding you. I know of one omwami who is presently cohabiting na mama ya watoto saba na anawalea kama wake.

Huyo jamaa ni baruhya na bibi ni Kikuyu

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Ati “what should I do” na saa hiyo ni retiree :D:D

Luhyas ndio champions wa kusimp. Hawajui route ya embobut. Virtually all the guys I know wenye wamefuga single mothers happen to be luhya and kikuyus.

I know one who is with a woman with 8kids the ninth is his and the woman want to make it to 10. Her house is like a kindergarten :D:D

most likely

I’ve seen like ten versions of the same story and I can confidently conclude that its just a story. A story that never happened.

Are you talking about @uwesmake?

Watu bure sana.

:D:D mbona naona nikama mnapigwa ango sweeps kichini chini

Leta effidense ama ni hekaya

My grandfather once said, Just Give Them Food But Not Education. Because My great grandfather he once taken a few to school and behaved the same. Usilee mtoto si wako

This particular example happens quite a bit especially na watu wa diaspora. Once the kids travel wanachukua mama wanawacha mzee. Excuse inakuwa either the mzee is a drunk or a philanderer.


It happens even to biological fathers who have raised them nothing to do with single mothers

Simps are there alright, it is obsession with single mothers and some strange stories popping up that doesn’tt seem right

Such thing are common to Jaluo males with money that marry kikuyu females.

The simp has the guts to call them ‘my boys’. He deserves whips. The moment you choose to raise another man’s seed, that’s it for you. Unless it’s a orphan situation, or charity work, they’ll always defy you in your old age.

Are you kikuyu male?