Masaibu ya Kufuga chimpanzee

I keep warning women mambo ya poverty penis. A man with nothing ni mtu wa kuzalia 3 children? Black women and this muling, you just amaze me. Anyway pole mum. All you wanted was a family and Satan took advantage of the situation. Acheni kuzalia chimpanzee that’s when they know that huna option beside them bcz you don’t want to be a single mother. Depression is a way of saying to you that you need to forget everything and everyone and take care of yourself. Hope you don’t end up killing your kids. Please leave the relationshit before upate Ukimwi.


I am a sinking deep into depression, I don’t know if someone will understand what am going through :sob::sob: LONG POST ALERT

Iko hivi am 28 yes with 3kids all same gender ,we started dating when I was 17yrs in 2012 after class eight, got a job at that age since I never went to high school,my bf is an orphan so I used to send him some money kidogo kidogo akiwa college za lunch fare I LOVED him so much,in 2016 after his graduations he had no one to turn to alikuwa analala kwa marafiki ,Leo kwa huyu kesho kwa mwingine hivyo hivyo Mimi bado nilikuwa job nilipanga nyumba,so one day I suggested instead of kuteseka kwa nyumba za wenyewe he can just move in as he looks for a job,which he agreed na tukaanza kuishi pamoja as hubby and wife.
So in 2017 my boss moved from Nairobi to another county nikaenda naye ,I used to cutter for everything, rent,food bought him phone,his clothes and supported him on his job search, so nikiwa huko job nilikuwa nakuja on weekends,then sikumoja my Jirani told me ati kama huyu no bwanako chunga usipate ugonjwa he brings women here wakati hauko,I asked him alikataa until I found messages about how they enjoyed,the dick was sweet,pussy was amazing​:broken_heart::cry: nudes za wanawake wamemtumia etc,he apologized and blamed devil ,I 4gave him in 2018 I got pregnant bado Niko job na mimba since hana kazi bado na tukona bills to pay jamaa badala ya kutafuta kazi he was busy chasing women left right center, after kuzaa nilifutwa job nikalipwa service good money,so nikamwambia ,since its been yrs haupati kazi chukua hii pesa fungua akaweka electronics shop pesa zikaanza kuingia poa nikamwambia we can save tuanze kuship those electronics since in know how ,he said yes. So after kuzaa 9 months later family planning failed me nikapata bol after kuzaa 2nd born nikawekwa coil ya 10yrs which failed me again nilipata mimba tena the baby is few months months old
So early this year tulikosana mbaya sana,and it was about his cheating behavior, I found chats wakiongea vile waliwet bed,dirty chats not only from one woman but many ,fromm tinder,tagged,fb ,tiktok yaani this guy I’d (japap) ile serious, When I asked him he didn’t even deny he told me he is looking for a wife and a sugar momy too,nikamukiza why na sai uko na shop u get something from there, I also supports you,and we have kids too
His excuse was that he feels like I disrespect him since everything we have in the house belonged to me ,nilizinunua before I met ,this guy separated me with my family my parents never liked him and they warned me🙆i don’t have friends in these 10yrs he is the only one I know ,have is the first man in my life, Mimi hata sijawai date any other man I feel so scared, and lost ,he said I can go if I want to,to make the matters worse ananunua hata kuma,I got messages juzi aki bargain na Malaya Fulani"shida were hukasirika kabla sijamwaga ,nikoa na 1k sai nikuje?"
And he denies me sex,unless I force him to

Guys where do I start,how do I ho about it ,sai sina job,sina biashara am lost​:sob::sob::sob::sob:

Wewe ni Kama Uliamua Kutumia Kichwa Kama Kabati ya Meno…