Masaibu ya BetaMale


I’m sure and can bet that this is a small d.icked arsehole

Shoka inauzwa wapi?

Tenda wema nenda zako…

:D:D:D:D:D…Beta males never learn,only invest in your self .Male charity is suspicious to women.

Aiii! Mtu apatie huyo jamaa ‘The Prince’ alijue jiji. Hizi streets huwezi kaa kimandazi kufanya kazi ya charity na uexpect loyalty and gratitude, especially from the fairer sex. Utatii tu.

Google kitu inaitwa Briffault’s law. Kuna place inasema “Any agreement where the male provides a current benefit in return for a promise of future association is null and void as soon as the male has provided the benefit”

This will go on mpaka End times…betamales never learn…even after reading this ngombe @Kodiaga bado atakamuliwa


Hii inakaa uongo ndio mjamaa ajipatie sifa tu. Hakuna mwanaume anaweza fanya kitu kama hio.

Mimi ni alpha

You’ll be surprised

Hizi ni uwongo , sijui huwa hamuoni white lies Kama hizi , unless nyinyi wote Ni ma kondooo

That’s why ukikopesha a lady pesa, the moment she gets it, ina turn kuwa ni donation.

The verdict is out, the things that are most blamed on this planet for failed relationships are:-

  1. The devil
  2. A small Dick.

Deal with your problems, leave this two out of it.

Never underestimate a man’s stupidity when pussy is involved. I have seen men who have done worse.


:D:Dsasa hawa ndio wanaume wataenda revolution kudispose Gatheca?!Mwanaume msenge anakamuliwa na singo matha

A buddy of mine alisema is way more easier mwanaume kukumbuka a small deed you do for him than a woman…they forget and never remember…most of them…not all

A man should never sacrifice to take over the responsibilities meant for his father-in-law even if he is deceased. Kama ni kusaidia, jijenge kwanza.