Masaibu ya beta male


eih,masiabu kweli

huyo lazima ni ule betachieth mtoto wa malaya wa ukimwi wa mlolongo @PHARMACY . raised as a rat

Masaibu ya beta ghaseer @uwesmake nde who passed through a nuclear hazardous ikuss to roam the earth.

Mama @uwesmake nde is a busaa selling mama Pima with a nuclear material leaking coomer .her half wits son @uwesmake nde takes mbotos

what an embarrassment to men

@kush yule mnono kuom uone your distant cousin from West Africa ile masaibu anapitia kwa planteshen.

Cc @Karoga @Yuletapeli

…:D:D:D some men are dead from the neck up. How?

Hii stories za manaija, mi hainijazz ata

My broda please take life insurance on her, inflate her worth then…

West africans and especially ogas are the biggest simps in my eyes

Cunt relate banae …

Huyo west african man is too alfa for my liking. Kesho kesho akishaachwa atajoin the mighty MGTOW=FREEDOM coalition.

… and funny enough ndo wanatapeli madem wenyu na kuwaachanisha apo

Whenever I visit the folks kule Kwa estate usually bump into some of them wamesimama Kwa streets wakijaribu kukatia any lady that’s clothed in corporate wear or has a car. Hio shit ukuwa funny:D