masaibu ya ango uwes

Boychild ! Ave always advised u not to visit nd have sex in a single mothers house , infact, don’t even visit this single ladies who live in rented rooms or bedsitters ! single unmarried ladies are supposed to be living withing their fathers compound . Most of this rental rooms nd bedsitters being habited by this single mothers nd single ladies are just small brothels where pussies are dismantled mercilessly by multiple men who in exchage gives out money for busfare, rent, salon, airtime, fuel, gas, pads etc etc ! Yes, this houses have owners who pays rent . Uwes ( ango) was found dismantling a pussy inside a single mothers bedsitter nd he was beaten like a mburukenge nd thrown out by a man who claimed to be the " husband" of the said lady , ango is now slowly recovering at home . Gentlemen, pliz avoid this houses like leprosy ! this are death traps. If u must dismantle this cheaply available pussiez then take her to guest house , lodging or a maize plantation ! Okay ? In the meantime let’s wish ango a quick recovery.

Ma @kendez mendez leo umenena wacha nikupe like

hehe papa khulichy umeinua mboro sana… one of these fine days utahara mpaka useme EH! na mcoondu ikujibu EH! na echo!

in the absence of our ango, I take this opportunity to say GAAAYYYYYYYY!!!

kwanza wewe utahara ukimwi kama your ango mpaka ulale hio position ya avator yako fool

Picha ya uncle uwes akipigwa kama burukenge… Picha ya orang utang au thermal image ya bedding za singo matha…

@uwesmake is this true

I hate you for some reason you tight ass fagot

Uwes huwa peleka mancave huko fedha au hata kwa Choo na pub wale wamelemewa

Where did that idiot uwes disappear? I hope somewhere hot with a fork holding being.

maze unaboo

Did you know msolomboko responds well in such environs!
Sasa unajua

Singo mother akipanua tangatanga River rodi tafuta room ya mia biri .Sugua hiyo kitu hadi ashute and call it a day.

Wapi effidence ama ni kelele ya chura

Haka kamtu Uwesmakende katakuja kufa juu ya coomer aki

I am typing in the bed of a single mother bedsitter. Siogopi, I don’t walk alone, if anyone dares anything I just promote you.

very gay comment


Achaneni na wankle