masaibu ya akasha's paree new york

the case is moving with speed

BAKTASH AKASHA ABDALLA, 41, and IBRAHIM AKASHA ABDALLA, 29, each pleaded guilty to conspiring to import heroin into the United States, conspiring to import methamphetamine into the United States, distributing heroin while knowing and intending that the drugs would be imported into the United States, and distributing methamphetamine while knowing and intending that the drugs would be imported into the United States. Each of these four crimes carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment and a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison. The defendants also pleaded guilty to participating in a conspiracy to carry and use machineguns and destructive devices during and in relation to, and to possess machineguns and destructive devices in furtherance of, drug-trafficking offenses, which carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. Finally, the defendants pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. The maximum and minimum potential sentence in this case is prescribed by Congress and is provided here for informational purposes only, as any sentencing of the defendant will be determined by a judge. The defendants are scheduled to be sentenced before Judge Marrero on February 1, 2019.

The defendants subsequently participated in an altercation at a public shopping mall in Kenya with an Armstrong associate named Stanley Livondo, during which IBRAHIM AKASHA ABDALLA threatened Livondo with a pistol in the mall.

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[SIZE=7]Former Leader Of Kenyan Organized Crime Family And His Brother Plead Guilty To Narcotics, Weapons, And Obstruction Offenses[/SIZE]

former leader of Kenya Organised Crime. hio ni exaggeration, at the time of the arrest, the Akasha’s were a shadow of what they used to be in the prior to the patriarch’s death. lakini kitunguu lazima.
for them to have agreed to plead guilty, they must have been alot of horse trading. i’m sure the DEA now has a better map of drug trade in .ke. i wont be surprised if they get the minimum sentence out of this which is 10 years.

Watch, they will each get life in prison.

nah ! ! ! for them to plead guilty, they must have cut alot of deals with the Prosecutor’s office, they have thrown alot of people under the bus. or maybe, the deal was to plead guilty, and in return DEA, let the rest of the family of the hook, this one will attract life sentences.

Kumbe haujui judicial system yenu. Why then should they plead guilty of at all the outcome would be the same?

That’s what I’m looking at. Unless they were told, not pleading quilty will include the rest of the family as wanted.
If that’s the chance, they may’ve pleaded guilty at zero options.

Unlike before, deporting others from Kenya would be difficult and the akashas know that, so my best bet is, they got a better deal other than life…

nangojea comment ya @pamba

Why would anyone in their right mind plead guilty? That is a guaranteed life sentence. I would fight it out with the justice system and never plead guilty.

Hapa lazima plea deal ilifanywa, these guys hawawezi pewa life.

I hope they threw a lot of these dirty politicians under the bus! Akina Hoho, KaBuffalo, MwaO etc…

One of those Akashas is 29 years. He’d want to get out early. They will receive a “dime” each. By the time they are out, the other individuals they ratted on would have been arrested and jailed. I am sure they squealed like stuck pigs and spilled everything after their extradition from Mombasa and incarceration for several years in a federal jail.

If you plead guilty that shows the evidence was too strong to fight it. The only option is to accept guilty verdict and patiently wait for jurors mercy. sasa Hapo ndio utapata wamepewa 50 years instead of life without parole. The system is harsh for drug dealers since they tend to “kill” millions with the drugs. 50 years to life with parole is my verdict.

If this trial was tried in Kenya under CJ mkora and his band of bribe takers in the judiciary, lawyer Ombeta would have found a way to get them released. If we are to save Kenya the justice system needs a shakeup.

:D:D:D Jurors and mercy dont mix. They follow the law and their hands are tied. For example, you cant escape a life sentence if you plead guilty of first degree murder. No amount of mercy can save you from the law.

Unafikiria aje?fight it out? Unafikiri akasha don’t have smart lawyers who advice them the best deal for them? Former campaign manager wa trump "Manifort " has pleaded guilty on the second charge after getting life sentence on the first charge,Kwani lawyer wake ni mjinga kumwambia “yes plead guilty” usa judicial system is reasonable

Feds normally have water-tight evidence before they take you to court. I’m sure they had an informant (or informants) in the drug ring who recorded and videotaped the dealings. Ukichezewa tapes kwa korti huwezi sema ‘it wasn’t me’. They can even follow you for years, and normally give plea deals to the smaller fish at the expense of their target. By pleading guilty, you’re hoping that the judge will give you 20 years to life. On the other hand, if you opt to go through with full trial, you may get ‘life’ on each of the several charges. Keep in mind that they had several cases each of which would earn them a life sentence. I had read somewhere that they had also been charged with ‘murder’ or something along those lines. There are judges who give ‘double’ life + like 99 years! Even if you successfully appeal one charge, you still have another life sentence. This is true, I’m not just making stuff up.

So you’d plead guilty and get one life sentence instead of two?? What’s the logic in that?? I would rather plead “not guilty” on all charges than plead guilty only to get one life sentence instead of two or three. I would take my chances and fight each and every one of them even if the chances of winning are slim, but they aren’t zero like yours. But I’m not a lawyer, so village lawyers should advise. In my opinion, pleading guilty in a capital offense is sealing your fate.

Your fate is sealed either way. I don’t think they paid for air tickets and accommodation if they didn’t have good evidence.
The logic behind this is cooperating with the court/prosecutors and showing remorse. Most judges consider this at sentencing and are likely to give you a lighter sentence. They must have had overwhelming evidence before the judges approved their extradition. On the other hand, if you act tough and want to deny physical evidence, kuna mahali inafika even your defense team pulls away! You ‘waste’ the courts’ time and the judge will give you the maximum sentence (in this case, several life sentences!). It’s definitely easier to appeal one life sentence than for two sentences. Each case is based on it’s merit.

And in some cases when a family member is involved , making a deal sets them off the hook and subject them to a community service. I say they have common sense laws. In kenya it’s the other way round . The more you plead not guilty the more time you buy and the weaker your case gets( of course through bribery and files getting lost). I pity those guys who were helping Akashas evade the law. Nimeona Livondoh ametajwa, next…

To the jurors, accepting guilty in there eyes shows they are remorseful, they might sympathize with them and just give them a break. Think about it one is 32 years… 50+32=85… hapo atatoka jela na kipara Kama ya @introvert alafu kidogo angalie ma socialite wa hiyo mwaka then Akufe.