Are you sober?

Kwanza hiyo kitu akishazaa itakuwa kama bakuli. Haina raha tena. Gonga saa hii juu after kuzaa itakuwa stress. Trauma. Utakuwa unafikiria kudish wyf unageuka na kukaza blanketi juu ni nightmare heheeeee

no particular reason, asema hana mood.

thank you @Purple :slight_smile:

Congrats Bingi wetu. Lakini just know that you are walking this journey together and it won’t be easy so do not complicate things by bringing in Lanyes. Ciokariga has give you very good advice. It could be that she is feeling tired, lethargic, nauseous with hormones raging all over the place, teary, moody anything.

Ask questions at the clinic ‘TOGETHER’. Heck you don’t even understand our tantrums when we are ovulating…

Ikiwa una expect daily services kama before…mmmmmmmmh naaaaaaaa. But she should agree to a level of regular services to give you some relief.:stuck_out_tongue:

Signed: Dr Mrs Shosho
Consultant OBs and Gynae
River Rd Clinic


If you’re married - which i highly doubt - i really pity the poor loser. Ati 7 months is what? Nyinyi ndo wale hueka mtu pending for 90 days sijui waiting for what

Wewe shosho unatusumbua bwana…ovulating at 55 years? Nkt

:D:D:D:D yeeeeees…hanaything is possible in the world we are living in.

Blonde season already

Said no man who died from a lack of sex…:slight_smile:

Forgive her; men and women don’t think the same. Heck. they don’t even feel the same so how would she know?