Masai Lance Corporal Shartuyan in World War ll

In 1945 hundreds of Masai gathered at Narok to see a Japanese sword captured by their fellow tribesman, Lance Corporal Shartuyan in the World War ll.

Shartuyan took the sword as a war trophy after killing a senior Japanese military officer in a hand to hand combat in the jungle of Burma.

The sword which became a symbol of triumph, aroused excitement in the ranks of senior officers among them General Sir Anderson, Commander-in-Chief East Africa Command, who personally flew it to Kenya while Shartuyan was still serving in Burma.

The sword was later handed over to the District Commissioner, Narok, for safe-keeping till Lance Corporal Shartuyan, finished his tour of duty.

It is currently kept at the Imperial War Museum in London.

Courtesy of Odhiambo Levin Opiyo

thanks for this.
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why was the sword taken to randan in the first place, it should be brought back

Maasais had no business killing the Japanese…

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Yaani mbeberu anatoka europe…anatoa a maasai warrior from the plains of east Africa anawapeleka half around the world to fight a Japanese samurai…hawa wazungu wako na kasoro

And they then keep the effing trophy in Randan!!