Mary Wambui the fugitive, was hiding at Weston Hotel.....kumbe ni mwizi wa Ruto?

Mary Wambui Mungai, the woman in the centre of a Sh2.2 billion tax evasion case on Wednesday night escaped a police dragnet at Weston Hotel, where she has been residing.

In her social circles they call her Wambui wa Ruto.

Ruto yaani ni mkora tu

Bottoms up.

Camp yote ya wezi has taken refuge under their grandmaster thief!

And where does uncle Raila get his funds from? Ama he is hardworking and sells mitungi ya gas and ethanol?

She is safe in her father’s house:D:D:D

I thought a dragnet implies many criminals were targeted, not just 2 women.

Stop deviating…I believe you still have your English teacher’s contacts…ask her yourself.

Ingia pale Twirra umuulize tafadhali. Stop deviating from the subject at hand…meffi!

Is water wet?

Ungeangalia kamusi kwanza.


Finally, i have come to know who @careerchoice is , wah ! ! !

One woman brought down Adam and Samson. I am hearing that now terrorists in Kenya are recruiting women coz they are easier to hide than men. Especially if they are dressed normally.

How much money should you have made to owe the taxman 2 billion?

Alafu fools still think that this is a wheelbarrow issue with thieves purporting to be ‘hustlers’! Wakenya wengine ni wajinga congenitally!

And who made you the ktalk class prefect. Funda.

Halafu sijui kwa nini vijana wengi wa magazeti wanaongea 2.2 billion. I read elsewhere nikaona the accumulate totals anazodaiwa over the years ni over 8 billion. Hajawahi kulipa tax for all the government tenders she has undertaken since 2013!