Mary Wambui has both hands burnt by Arab employers

You would think that Saudi Authorities or Kenyan counterparts would take action on this matter …

If this happened to an American or Briton here , there would be an Official Inquiry and hell to pay …

Bure Kabisa … :mad::mad:

I stopped feeling sorry for them , they have been warned many times but msiba wa kujitakia?

How does that validate the criminality being perpetrated here … ???
And our own Ambassador is complicit in this mess …??? :mad::mad:

Im not justifying the criminality at all , but saving an animal that keeps going back to the same trap is kinda exhausting. Kenya should ban it completely untill there’s assurance of safety for the workers

Kenyan women ni hard kuwahurumia.

Africans are natural slaves.

So that makes you a …
Did you mentally process what you actually wrote …???

As Atwoli would say …
"Shenzi Kabisa " …:mad::mad: