Mary wa elder(mwisho)

Nobody really knew what had transpired and had really led to maria fainting,to say the least,though late,the wedding finished but not with the pomp and colour as expected.After the wedding,maria was whisked to God knows where while i was left nursing my anger,nobody really cared about what i felt or did apart from Caro who we became really close and really helped move on,she became an important part of me but i had lost all the trust i had on women and so all that mattered to me when i met any woman was just the coomer and move on…i intiated the slogan,hit and run.
I had totally moved on and forgotten about her when one day i when i was busy minding my own business nkiwa tu na build my own castles in the air,handas zangu zikiwa zimenirunda seriously,i got a message from a strange number,i ignored the first message but soon got another,this time i answered rudely but this person didn’t stop,…
‘I know i wronged but that doesn’t mean you can’t forgive me and be my friend,i do not wish to have you as my enemy cz i know the burden would be so much to bear than when you are my friend,pliz answer me.’
Seems like this one was persistant so i enquired who it was,bila kunizungusha she answered me
‘Ni maria’…how could she even think of reminding me of the shit she had made me go through,to say the truth,i cared the least about her i had forgotten and moved on but she was bringng me back right into the middle of it all
When were an item i used to call her shi so i answered her politely
‘Shi,pliz,nlisahau na nkamove on so pliz let me just be’
'Moved on with caro?..she answered back…
Seems like she knew alot about me,
‘Pliz stay out of my private life,staki visanga na hao watu wenu’…after alot of arguing,she asked me for one favour after which she would never bother me,i granted her the wish where she said she wanted to meet me and since she was now married,i saw no harm in that.
We had arranged to meet at TRM on a saturday afternoon.i had chosen a public place cz i did not trust her fully knowing how naughty she was.
Come saturday she showed up as planned,i asked her to order whatever she wanted and i would have the same,but was surprised when she told the waitress to prepare as take away.
I was surprised since initially i thought she just wanted to talk and maybe solve our differences but she told everything was Ok and i had nothing to worry about.When our orders arrived,i payed and we left,i was led to the stage hapo nje ya trm na tukaingia matt za 44,what she had in mind sikujua but since alikua mke wa pastor,i thought there was nothing to worry about,makosa,had i put into mind that only nafsi huokoka but si matendo then maybe ningejitoa kwa ii mtego,but it was already too late,nlikua ndaaaaaani ndaaani kabisa…
Kufika 44,she led me to a well furnished apartment i guess belonged to her friend,or whoever it belonged to,it didn’t matter,prepared our meals which we had in silent once in a while tukichunguliana na masmile that didn’t make sense,
After the meal,she excused herself and went to a room sikutaka kujua ni ya nini ama nani,kutoka she was in a leso na akaingia bafu,took a shower na kutoka…but after shower what she wore haikumfanya akae bibi ya pastor and that only made me imagine,down there mzee abdala akasema ‘irima rīūrū no rīa nyoka(a bad whole is only that of a snake)’ she was so close to me occassionally kissing me that out of all the things she told me all i can remember was ‘enyewe psalmy nmekumiss na i wish singekuhurt but i guess its too late,but now i have to make it up to you,i know this is not the right way but pliz just accept it…blah blah blah…’
Sikungoja amalize,sikutaka hekaya cz nothing would change even if she explained in diagrams,what followed was a marathon of coomer smashing,at that moment it didn’t matter whether she was the wife of a pastor or a bishop,she was just a bish with a coomer that needed to be worked on,it was so intense that after we were done,i must have dozed off due to exhaustion cz i was woken up around 10pm with a knock on the door,we dressed up and sat like nothing had really happened.
Then she walked inside,Caro,with a broad smile and no sign of anger,she asked,…‘naona mmejienjoy yakutosha hadi mkalala,now its time to go maria usitafutwe’
‘Caro so you knew about all this and yet hujuniambia chochote,how could you?’
‘Psalmy i will explain later but now lazima twende mwenye nyumba ako karibu kuja…’
A feeling of guilt had started to creep up on me bt that melted away when i realized i was the one who had been tricked into a trap,i had been played while all this time i had it in mind that it was a sweet revenge,i had even been played by the woman who had helped me recover,shit was real and i was the victim.There and then i decided i didnt want an explanation from Caro,all i wanted was to get away from these two and never see them again as the saying goes 'aka erī nī nyūngū igere shia ūrogi(two women are two pots of witchcraft)…As i got into a matt ya kuelekea zimmer,one thing was clear in my mind,kazi ya moyo haikua kupenda,there is no way i was going to give my heart to a lady to keep,tukipatana tusaidiane if we cant then pliz walk away.

To those judging saying it was wrong and all,blv me given another chance,i would it again and again and this time with no regret or guilt,i dont regret a single thing that happened cz it made me wiser

Nice hekaya. Pewa like.

Hekaya on point

Hekaya in point. Like on point.

as usual hekaya on point, wacha nirudi nisome ile ulidinya deconess wa church hadi bed ikavunjika


ni series,
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I think kuna link moja missing, will appreciate kama unaweza iweka.

after hiyo titled Kisumu, anarudi Nairobi kukutana na Stella

timam,kula hadi hao nuns wako apo safaripark

Did you just say safaripark?

I luurve your bril’ hekayas but please paragraph. I hope you have found another woman who is not conniving

Noted and asante…hapo pengine not really sure ka kuna mzuri