Marvel's The Defenders Season 1

Im almost done watching the season and its pretty lame in my opinion. The fight scenes arent that great and they sometimes happen in poorly lit areas where you cant tell what the hell is going on.
And im really hating this Iron Fist. He is incredibly whiny and if you didnt see the fight in episode 7 going any other way then you cant be helped.

I haven’t watched Defenders. I don’t think I will. Iron Fist had the most cringey fight scenes ever… and to think they were supposed to be martial art masters. The story wasn’t that great either.

ION Disney is starting it’s own streaming service. Aims to take their stuff out of Netflix by 2019

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What watched episoed 1-2 and half way through 3 in the morning and it ain bad…what you talking about?This is better than the arrow cross overs…and there are some dope shit…in those episodes I have watched.The Alexandra bitch is the one i don like her acting is shit…

Yeah hizo threats wajiweke think you can run a whole streaming channel on marvel stuff…cuz no one is watching anything else from them.They need to stop their disney channel from bieng forgotten first before they even think about streaming.Disney wanna upuss siku hizi …running on gas and tryna act like they the shit…WB mambo yote they can do a streaming service and work cuz they in everything marvel have the kids demograph and that is a struggle.

They will keep their TV shows on Netflix but will remove movies. I think they are just trying to future-proof themselves.

The fight scenes are the same in this one. The way its shot is also a bitch…i dont think you will be missing anything if you dont watch it. even the plot is rubbish.
and there are things that dont add up. Like Luke Cage getting hit by kawaida people and he is grunting and falling down, and this is a guy who gets hit by cars and stands…or why goons with guns try to fight rather than shoot fuckers in the head.

her acting isnt that great, but the writing of the entire show is lame. and i never watched arrow beyond half of episode 1 season 1

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slept through daredevil, luke cage was too one sided, sikuona series ya that chick na iron fist nili delete after 15 minutes…

Wasn’t he not hurt in prison and the first hit he felt was from the IFDG…ama but am in episode 3 am gone finish it in the afte but i like the pace.JJ has my heart as always the look she gave after Elektra kicks her ass is like since when did i get to be hit
But these the same people who low balled Amercan Gods and did you get such shit from just the visuals
They each got a colour scheme in the photography…dope!!
and the small gems here and their from LC face when IFDG was trying his kung fu,anyways JJ is ma fave still reminds me of my colle life …drink and no fucks to give as long as ends meet…

marvel churns out chieth

I hadnt noticed the colours.

american gods was good, but its kinda hard to understand unless you stick with it to the end…

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If you read stuff by [SIZE=4]Neil Gaiman…[/SIZE]…you will get used to this un-non-unknowing feeling he has a habit of mixing lore and adding a modern/his view of it to create his universe.His one of the best at it…every writer bows to him when it comes to writting trippy stories…His sandman comics have been in my digital library since high school…

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This is just a post of DC fans hating at Marvel for making doper series than the crap DC has with CW.
I downloaded this series on Friday, saw this post but reserved my comments since I had not watched the series yet. Currently am in episode 5 and your review is just stupid.

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Just finished the finale and this shit was dope…oh JJ funniest super hero in existene and its a female character dope!

Exactly. Those who watched from Daredevil 1 to JJ to Daredevil 2 to Luke cage to Iron fist know the back story. The build up to their meeting in episode 3 was slow and well executed. We just can’t call iron fist whiny yet they all have different characters. Luke is this cool calm guy, JJ is your I don’t give a fuck girl…
About Luke cage getting hit while he is supposed to be hit proof and bullet proof. Luke Cage only got beaten by Danny and that was because Danny used Iron fist and also lightly by that warlord who is a skilled fighter. Cage had his ass whooped by his own bro in season 1 so nothing new

My only problem was how they underused my crush Electra

Danny Rand is the most unlikeable person in the MCU right now. “Im the iron fist…its my duty…i must do it alone”…then going ahead with the most boneheaded decisions.
And for being the ultimate weapon, he sure does get his ass kicked alot by people without iron fists.

As for Cage, wasnt he getting beaten only when the bro was augmented with those glove things? Or when Cage was injured by those bullets?
I found this show weak.

You are arguing from a point of view of hate and not logic
You don’t need to take things literally, who ever wrote that script wasn’t mad when they made Danny that way. Danny still has a lot to learn since the events of this series take place immediately after those of iron fist

The danny rand from the show and the one from the comics are a far cry from one another. The comic one is way more likeable, funny even.
And thats the thing, all the other characters like Matt, Luke and Jessica are pretty true to their comic book counterparts.

This iron fist from the tv show is very adolescent like. He behaves like a kid in all tv shows who never listens and is constantly fucking up. Thats whats so infuriating about him.

You just described his winning tropein this tv show…he is child like to the others -his from a secretive monk society living in a secluded mystical mountain…take him like an anime character something like Goku…ama thad castle at full tilt on everything.Thats why i laughed my ass off at the middle circle board room meeting is so Iron fist…irrational always looking for a chance to fae the challenge head on and be the star of the village like he used to…nigga found out fast the game in NYC ain the same as in Kun Lung …no honor system over here… @Deorro you din like the switch from black sky to full bitch elektra…told yall alexandra was shit and thats cause of the actress…she wasn’t threatening enough on screen like the guy who played fisk if they had sharon stone play that role then the coupe would have been a good pay off but elekra was ait i loved how she wanted Daredevil to be by her side its so elektra she gets what she wants and doesn’t care.But claire yo! I continue to hate her every screen time she gets annoys the hell out of me no blonde pushed me this hard with hate since skylar wa breaking bad…

You use this argument a lot every time some says something unflattering about a Marvel show/flick.

I am going to speak (in a sentence or two) about Iron Fist and the few things I can remember about the show and its roster of extremely forgettable characters.

The lead character, Iron Fist himself, was really unconvincing as a martial artist who spent his entire childhood in some freezing mountain top to become a barefoot-walking, summersaulting, inner-chi meditating, tai-chi master-class graduate. He had his ass whooped a lot in badly choreographed fight scenes - so much so that he got his ass admitted in a mental(?) hospital where he spent a considerable chunk of his time.

He was a bad choice for the role IMO. They could’ve at least got a guy who can throw a convincing punch. The guy who also came from the other world to take him back (to guard some gate) was just as bad. I bet a penny you don’t remember his name because he’s that forgettable/insignificant.

The show had no humour, no characters to care about, semi-long boring story and the guru level chi Iron Fist was both rash and idiotic. Comparing it to CW shows that is targetted at TEENAGERS does not help it either.

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Iron fist has never been about punches how per say but the ideals the wariors have and this was the critical aspect of season one…cuz what was he fighting for? and what is the honourable way of fighting?the social norms accepted today? didn’t you get that…from the shock of colleen having a dojo…his closest family/friends the betrayals and their view of the world.Danny was taught to serve and season one he was expecting so welcome mat and his seat at the throne on the basis of his name and all.Yes i rem davos cause he is the always bad guy of iron fist and his story was a good adaptation since as in the comic their sparring brother turned arch nemisis with each actually having a right to stand and fight the other in the show davos sees rand as the cause for the destruction of kun lun which no matter how you look at it its rands fault in a way for leaving the post and forcing davos to search for him and giving the hand the window to strike hard…