Marvel's The Defenders Official Trailer

Am getting the #20s issue rebirth pack but my catalogue ni most and this is justvlooking at my laptop …cloud storage am sure has like the new injustice 2 shit…
[SPOILER=“Laptop lib”][ATTACH=full]97702[/ATTACH][/SPOILER]
As you can see I have had that flash point collection nasija fungus walking dead am in 2015 shit…and sijaanza books.This year nikupelekwa mbio

Daaamn. Hahaha. You read ALL of them? I only read Batman, The Flash, Suicide Squad and specific issues za Thor and Hulk, and Superman.

Nilijaribu injustice ikakataa. Naona Injustice 2 issues ziko already.

I read them as they come out uki-pile hivyo you will neeeever finish reading.

Its not like i late them pile[ATTACH]97705[/ATTACH] …its not easy, like now that Ghost in the shell has dropped [ATTACH]97706[/ATTACH]its r6 hdrip and Korean hc now [ATTACH]97707[/ATTACH] normally I would pass wait for the blu ray [ATTACH]97708[/ATTACH] but I watched the anime with sub’s wont this be the same only opposite[ATTACH]97710[/ATTACH] only in Korean katana

Inabore ukieka hizo maufala nkt!

Movie lazima iwe hdblueray. Korean subs Sigwes guza

[ATTACH]97737[/ATTACH] Well It was meant as a joke like if you[ATTACH]97738[/ATTACH] Like if you think about it watching it with hard coded subs is similar to watching anime[ATTACH]97739[/ATTACH] only thing here its a dubbed version so with hc korean subs

And btw I didnt watch Ghost In the Shell was derailed by the mrs [ATTACH]97740[/ATTACH]

Thats what she said[ATTACH]97750[/ATTACH]

I like the way the DC universe crisscross their characters in different series’

“All aboard the hype train”

wacha tuanzie Guardians of the Galaxy leo

You people are true nerds. Although I find it as though the Marvel vs DC rivalry is hiding in plain sight within your minds, especially @Deorro


#TeamMarvel hapa
DC huwa @screwplus na @TerribleWaste

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I know I am repeating someone’s point, but I like Marvel best in movies and DC in tv series. The comics i read all.
There is some guy at you tube, (screw attack) who pairs various characters for a fantasised dead battle. I find it hilarious when characters like the flash and quicksilver are paired…

[ATTACH]98082[/ATTACH] Wiz and Boomstick been with those guys since wase wa funhaus wakue huko red vs blue just watched last nights episode …damn might pick up fairy tail.AND NEXT TIME ON DEATH BATTLE galacius vs sub-zero(easy galacius win)…the best will be the deadpool episodes…and am #teamgokuoversuperman forever
[ATTACH]98088[/ATTACH] Do you also watch gametheory by matpat

Fuck DC hopes zote ni kwa wonder woman[ATTACH]98090[/ATTACH] Na vile I dont expect match in cinematography action wise damn.Guardians f the galaxy always dropping at the perfect time kama saa hii no compe in the horizon

BTW I see gpot me twisted i don fancy DC through and through …
[ATTACH]98092[/ATTACH]only like batwing(both niggaz did justice),jason todd and damien wayne in the bat family i care less for bitches even selena…but starfire is bae[ATTACH]98094[/ATTACH](done where to put teen titans)
Green lantern am a kyle rayner and guy gardner peke and all the other lantern corps[ATTACH]98096[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]98095[/ATTACH]…apart from that nothing exites me in DC and in Marvel apart from Deadpool(I was a fan before the movie even have the original game for xbox 360).Spiderman was interesting but when they franchised it and made them all relatable it became boring(yes I was a fan of dr.octopus possesing peter parker’s body) but that the problem with marvel they over do it with the iterations they dilute the fan base…look now thor kuna thor bitch…thor na shoka…thor ule farasi (from kitambo)…and am sure kuna remnants wa battleworld in some issues

@Deorro @Alchemist

That shit i just said then you get home and this trailer drops grinning from ear to ear.And I don’t work for DC…yet

Injustice, flashpoint and court of owls. the only DC stuff iv bothered to read. DC fights are crazy though. too crazy to be represented correctly in films

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Luke cage was the most useless boring series ever