Marvel's The Defenders Official Trailer

I hope Electra atakuwa I love how crazy she was

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As long as it isn’t as slow and boring as Iron Fist then im ready

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Luke cage and daredevil two were/are my fav in the universe, JJ too was good

The only comic book series I stuck with is The Flash. Somehow I always ditch the rest mid season or end of season 1. And yeah, I will watch this.

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yaani you never watched Daredevil, Luke Cage na Jessica Jones?

Daredevil na Jessica Jones niliwatch one season. JJ = Good, DD = Meh. I could not complete LC.

Luke Cage sijawatch. Jessica Jones ilikuwa slow mpaka Jazzlady ndio alikuwa ananipea updates nikicheza magame kwa simu, Iron Fist iko sawa, daredevil mambo yoooteeee!!! I hope Frank Castle atakuwa.

Frank castle anashoot series yake ya The Punisher

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Jesus christ!!! Yaani haukuona Electra na The Punisher?
Luke cage hata haukuona Villian?

Nimeshindwa kumaliza season 1 ya hizo zote wacha ningoje stranger days

Sikufika hapo. The reason I stuck with the Flash is I like the character. Been reading and watching too much DC stuff.

sasa hii ndiyo shida yako, You take the DC VS marvel shit way too serious. TBH DC series suck save for Gotham, In short the CW series suck

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Not really. I don’t hate Marvel or anything. I loooove Marvel movies. But when it comes to TV and animated movies I seem to prefer DC.

Iron fist imetokea???

Enda uchune kiboko na ulale pale ---------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>> chini ungoje @screwplus aje ku-administer dose.

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Nitaiget bana…hard disk yangu ilikufa na movies na series zangu zote. 1TB worth of stuff NKT!

Capeshit is the worst fad to ever hit Hollywood and it’s now spreading like a plague and infecting TV. Sad!

[ATTACH=full]97687[/ATTACH] Look at that shit as long as the lee bitch wa iron fist akuwe Niko poa[ATTACH=full]97694[/ATTACH] (still got that yellow fever)

Boss hapa si place za kubuy [ATTACH]97684[/ATTACH]

Manze ati hadi august si ule hacker ali leak orange is the new black a drop hii shit [ATTACH=full]97685[/ATTACH]

Nilicheki just before flash s03e20 and it did wet my appetite for a super hero show only for flash to prove again why cw is a cunt of a channel like why do they cry [ATTACH]97691[/ATTACH] in every episode…

[ATTACH]97690[/ATTACH] You should not tell a lie on my name all who follow and know the ways know that reboots are cancer

CW shows are a little soap opera-ish. But this is Barry, the sad sack and not Wally the wise cracking funny guy. Yeah… I kinda wish The Flash was done by Netflix.

BTW. Read Batman Rebirth issue 21 and 22. Has a very cool story that goes back to Flashpoint. Spoiler alert: Reverse Flash kicks the shit out of Batman (Bruce Wayne, not Thomas Wayne from Flashpoint).

Arrow started out fine halafu… Wacha tu.