marvels daredevil S3 review

in one word DISAPPOINTING very utterly disappointing , WTF . first of all let me admit i downloaded this series season 1 but nikachoka nayo after two episodes nikawacha . but as a navy seal after all the hullabaloo by villagers claiming Season 3 was the best thing ever after ugali i decided to give it a chance . the action is goooooooooooooooooood i loved it but WTFUACK , the heroe has been beaten in all the fights from episode one to episode ten , nimefika ten nikachoka nikasema let me vent kiasi .

how can the hero be chapwad in all episodes ama meaning ya hero changed , infact that FBI pseudo daredevil fights way more better than the piece of chieth real daredevil , the pseudo beats him to near death in the first two fights . most of his friends are harmed/killed . what pissed me off the most is normal civilians with no powers beating him , example the guy who designed his suit . infact he only appears a hero in escaping impossible incursions by the police or villains after being torn to shreds . kwanza hio part he was almost beaten to death in prison by the warders combined with the convicts under Firsths pay , then he is assisted to get out of the prison gates by the warders without any checks just shows how shallow minded the directors are ,second fight na the fake daredevil anachapwa kama umbwa na vile amechocha ametrain MUAY THAI pale UFC . i mean this shit is almost worse than LUKE CAGE .

anyway i loved the action but i dont like the real useless daredevil , if the two act different movies id rather watch the movie with the fake daredevil (nisaidiwe jina yake) than the real punching bag .

let me wait for my favorite series so far with real super heroes who beat villains DC’s THE TITANS

nkt .

And I quote “…but as a navy seal…” Here we are…



yaaani hata hujaona Punisher kwa season 2?

1.Weka WiFi kejani

  1. Nunua firestick

  2. Nunua PS4 + FIFA19… Add me jina ni>>kibetsofine85. Nikuchape online ukufe

ulizaliwa 1985 na bado huna bibi?

Si uende akuoe huko dumpsite, meffi msenge

Umbwa, ukitaka nimarry sistako… Ghasia

kja nikuoe , tupande skuma kwa garden halafu uwache kuumbua

:D:D:D huyo punisher wako Sicario 1 alichapw kama burukenge akalia machozi

Ako Switzerland, kuja inbox nikurushie number na cordinates uende umuoe

I’m guessing u haven’t realized the main theme. Msee ako blind unaexpect achape watu aje an anaona na vibrations honestly .

sludgist + panyaste = :meffi: ²

heheehehehehheh so what is the theme of being a super hero yaani anyoroshwe all through the episodes , banaa the guy has enhanced senses he should be better than the normal human being ama hii ni series ya vipofu waone ?

Mtu anaskia via mitungi na water drops ikifunguliwa kwa mifereji bana hawesmek. Ati vipofu nini¿ wueh tema Hio mate :D:D

Hii season clearly ilikuwa about building on the characters. It was about introducing a new villain for season 4. The fact that the main character gets beat several time is perfect si kama mzito steven segal hakuwa anapata ata vumbi.


lakini maumbwa cancelled Luke cage and Iron Fist

Hapo hatuko pamoja. Both of those needed to be cancelled mid season kwanza iron fist. Hehe

Punisher and daredevil are the only ones worth watching.

hehehe lazima waliona review yaangu ya Luke Cage , that thing was pure nonsense unakumbuka nikiipea 2/10 . i think nimequalify kupewa waks pale hollywood

Hiyo miaka yako yote na unawatch comic book shit. Here acha nisiongee

@uwesmake has a point I remember daredevil season one jamaa alichapwa karibu auawe he had a punctured lung, concussion etc na ati huyu msee ni hero what the hell is that. When was the last time you saw Spider-Man being beaten like that. To be honest Daredevil is just an ordinary guy with powerful senses he isn’t a hero.