Marsabit Residents Riot Attack Police, Catholic Church, Close Roads & Torch Property

Angry youth yesterday demonstrated in Marsabit town following arrest of influential preacher Sheikh Guyo Gosa by the. The sheikh was arrested while preaching in town centre yesterday morning. Most of the youth, whom were his madrassa students, followed the sheikh and officers to the police station. But officers later drove them out.
As the youth were driven out of the town, they destroyed property belonging to KCB Bank and stormed into a Catholic church, where they broke windows and chairs. They also beat up and injured the guard at the church. Police officers engaged in running battles with the madrassa students for the better part of the day.

Marsabit OCS Charles Mwangi said one protester was arrested. The protesters also harassed a journalist who was covering the protests and destroyed his camera. Residents said demonstration will continue until the sheikh is released. It was not the first time the sheikh was arrested by anti-terror police. He was first arrested in 2014 while in Mombasa and re arrested early 2015 in Marsabit. Gosa has denied claims that he has links with the Al Shabaab terror group operating from Somalia.

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Fatuma Abdulkadir ameongeza Picha 3 mpya
Saa 5
they took off with the Sheikh. Everyone is so scared of disappearances because many of taken in the past never returned. Before long all roads were blocked n people started charging at the police. A running battle with the police ensued. I have never heard so many gun shots in my entire life, babies were screaming out of their sleep and the birds went silent. It was the worst day, all shops closed, roads closed and my peaceful home turned into a battle field. Now 3 dead. 19 in critical condition including police officers. Properties worth millions destroyed. This is the situation in the place I call home #Marsabit.
I am asking myself lots of questions? Did it have to be this way? Did we have to go down the drain in this manner? As I ran out to check what waa happening I came back to the screams of my 2 little ones. It was hard to answer the questions. Why did you run to danger? When people run for their safety? It broke my heart when the gun shots never stopped. A few meters away as the gun shots were turning the sky into a smoky war zone. I love my kids but so do the 3 mothers whose sons lay dead in the mortuary. I love my kids just like the mother of the injured police officers nursing wounds in the hospital. I love my kids just like the mother of 19 injured people in hospital todày.
My only hope and prayer for today, let us not turn against each other. Muslims and christians in Marsabit have lived alongside eachother like brothers and sisters. Today more than ever before we have to stand UNITED.

Morons defending a man accused of radicalizing youth and recruiting them for Al Shaitans.

isn’t it a curse to destroy, steal from a place of worship,especially a CATHOLIC CHURCH? There is a way the Father give a sermon and does a stunt of like removing the robe and all the culprits face unexplainable deaths…Mess with other churches but messing with catholic, its direct death

Ushirikina, urogi, majini, uchawi … ujinga na upuzi

Oh my God! You are so thick! How did you get on the internet?!

What if Ingekuwa Legio Maria church or Roho Israel Church?

This is real example of shithole…na mnasema trump anawaonea

hehehe,atheist shut up

Jesus, as a philosopher is wonderful. There’s no greater role model, in my view, than Jesus Christ. It’s just a shame that most of the people who follow him and call themselves Christians act nothing like him.

Secession inafaa kucome through. Mcooshites nkt

wariah yafaa tuwanyoroshe warudi somalia

This the reason why Kenyans and africens in extension are still poor and cannot agree on anything. The sheikh is accused of links with terrorism let him face the law. The hollow brainwashed few Muslims cannot understand this. Sad

Religion of peace and tolerance!

enda uibe tusome na wewe

Hiding in the masses

This is not an African problem. This is a Islam problem.

I’m now convinced that Sheikh is shady juu ya kitu moja tu: the attack on the Catholic Church. Another Rogo. Police wanajua cha kufanya.

Huyo awekelewe mbegu kesi ifungwe

He should just made to dissapear like many shaitwans before him. Who remembers Rogo

I was once stationed in Marsabit while in my mid 20’s, hormones raging high… they had very n ice kienyejis to shoot in the loins, what happened? I gotta revisit my manyattas