Marrying the mbotch or the barmaid

So a deceased frens husband is marrying or rather cohabiting with a former mbotch. Who had had a kid with the guy then was thrown out. Once the wife died, he brought the mbotch back and she’s pg already. Wanaume kweli got no respect not even for the dead mother of their children.

Mwingine ni barmaid ameoa. Now the wife done lost her mind and is in Avenue. Surely majamaa, when a woman gives birth for you and raises your kids. Si umuhurumie Jameni. How do you sleep at night knowing your wife done lost her mind, because of your philandering ways.

These stories really make you wonder if you can trust anyone in this day and age. Men have no attachment or loyalty to anyone. That’s why a man is busy fina marry another woman when his wife is ill on her deathbed. Relationship to men is a utility. Like food and sex. It does not matter the source as long as it’s there.

Meanwhile women are hang up on dead spouses for 10 years. But a man will be moving on before you are even dead. Or you are in the morgue and he’s out with his latest catch. When I say marry for lifestyle upgrades yall like I am materialistic but if men marry for utility and soon as you can’t be of any utility they move on even if you are dying why shouldn’t women equally be focused on the utility value of men or they will be told that they ain’t loyal? Gotta be ride or die. All ama tell you is that when you are dying with cancer Mrs ride or die your dear husband is looking for a replacement . But when your husband is broke you can not start looking for a replacement because you are ride or die. If you Fina stay with a man as a couple be ready for anything, don’t worship him so much that when he betrays you, you fall apart and end up in Mathare. Because you put all your trust and faith in him. Do you guys remember the lady who lost it after her husband and dad of 5 kids? Left her for their receptionist. It’s so insulting when you marry a guy who is ugly as hell and he still leaves you for another woman. This guy is HIV positive too. Like as a woman you just have to be ready for any outcome once you settle with a man. Don’t be too fairy tale oriented to a point of losing your mind when things go south. IJS.

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Atleast sasa kunaparagraph kiasi.

Respect is one thing. But its a 2 way street. It needs to be mutual. Am sure you know about women who refuse their hubbies sex and treat them with matharau when they lose a job. Some are even denied food kwa hao.

So can you really complain when a man strays when being treated with such disrespect?

And its not only men who take off. Women are known known for straying, getting paged by another man then coming back home and telling the hubby the kid is his and this practice is widespread. Even prominent people like the Karumes havent been spared.

So for you to see the issue only through the lens of “wanaume ni wabaya!” Is shortsighted

Trying to make her see sense ni kazi Bure.

Mboch, barmaid…They are all human beings. Just like an accountant or lawyer. Classism shouldnt apply relationships.
The only issue is marrying someone else when you already have a wife.
Til Death Do Us Part is what marriage vows state. Which means your marriage is only valid until your wife/husband passes. You can pick up her/his best friend one minute later.

“Fina” inamaanisha nini?

First, love is generally alien nowadays and that is what made husbands and wives loyal to each other regardless of the circumstances… Now women look for the moneyed only and not anything to do with love… the men also see the material oriented women as objects for sex and feelings are non-existent… That is what we have now and we have to accept the consequences… I have done many many experiments with women as I look for a wife but my finding is that women will love you when you look successful and when you act poor you lose all of them, when you act rich you get all the most beautiful, young girls in the market who want to trap you as quickly as possible by encouraging you to dry fry them which I always reject, then they quote the bible verse that God condemned the man who withdrew and ejaculated outside the pssy… if there was real love you would not find these problems…

HI Georgina


ma nigga husema finna, badala ya “gonna”. I’m finna beat you.

Kama uko over 30 with money jua you are dealing with robbery without Violence ladies. Yees there are genuine and real ladies but even then they give you an ear because you make things happen.

Natural selection… But love is nonsense!

Their second names answer all my inner questions about this.

was the insult addressed to me or georgina

And this Njeri Mucheru is Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru’s younger sister… from what I saw when the drama was live, I think she is or was then nuts!

I know this njeri mucheru lady personally…at times people can really cover up stuff.

Was she covering up or the Jakisumu bae?