Married women taking PEP daily bcz of high new HIV infections in couples hang in there sindano kama ya FP to last a year is coming

Ukiona mwanamke amevaa ring muheshimu. Hizo rings ni kama msalaba ndkwira. Sio PEP. Sio family planning zinaleta cancer. Respect women vane. Anyway, good news is that a new drug acts like PEP but you go for injection once a year though before mwili izoe utakua mgonjwa kwanza. Anything is better than HIV so great. Atleast the women who know their men are positive don’t need it if ARV ensures zero viral load. It is not transmittable.

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Mtazimeza hadi mtii

Hawezi shikwa na luwere calabash. Hao lanye wako very careful

Si awachane na uyo mwanaume. Anadestroy liver bure


Its until death my dear