Married woman pregnant

Nawasalimia wote.

Sasa I’ve been munching this married woman for the last few months and it has been all good and convenient until this morning I’ve woken up to a message from her saying she’s paged. She already has kids, I think 2 or 3.

Such messages from young girls I can handle but huyu sasa huyu namwambia aje??

The photo in that message is of a positive pregnancy test strip…

Do you know her HIV status? Does the Husband live around?

She’s clean, I’ve never asked about the husband…


Thread closed!!

Do you have any input in the matter? She will do whatever she wants regardless of your opinion.

Huyu hatawacha husband. She will just tell him the kid is his and continue screwing you. That is if she decides to keep it

In any case, are you even sure ni yako?

In any case, dont worry, just continue fucking her as long as you like

You’re right, so nilenge message tu…

Haha ameshasema she can’t keep it. Why are you worried?

That is the first question that hit my mind…

Na hapa hakuna continue screwing…she’s too careless.

I’m not worried, just wondering how to handle the situation as it is…

I’m pg, that’s an old trick women use to con unsuspecting lovers.

Happy Friday the 13th

Nimeona if I indulge her in conversation itabaki nimetoboka kakitu…

Offer financial help na uondokee hapo. If it was a lie, consider it a bad debt. If it was true, feign epiphany and end the fling. Win win

Good thing is that I’m done with my share of nuks on this day!

Pesa nayo sitoi…she’s some well seated civil servant, atumie hongo atapata leo kufanya mambo yake

Leta namba nimpatie mimba ya pili

She says she doesn’t want to keep it. At most, split bill ya ku “flash”.

Hehehehe, mafisi apantambua mama iko na mimba!!