Married to one @Truman Capote

Theoretically, if today, a man aged 35, marries her, what’d be the expected life span of that guy.

35 and a half


His life span will probably be over 60

But his span with her will probably be 4months



No matter; his best years will be the ones behind him.

Hawezi hata toka Honey moon!!!

Ask her to meet you for real, or you’ll never know. Actually why not?

Huyo nanyonga Bila apologies

Maybe she isnt that bad.maybe with correct dick and right screwing she can be so docile like a fresian cow.akiwekwa anatuliza kinyambiz Kama ng’ombe inakamuliwa akamuliwe kamu kamu.i think @Panyaste★ who has been handling soap opera models should take the mantle of being @Truman kakumas dear huzzbad

Before you do, she may require 2 documents:

  1. A 75 page proposal (with a recent photo ID) for a private meet
  2. A 200 page detailed expose setting out all the possible reasons for the meet
    Said documents to be endorsed by Ktalk elders, with accompanying documents, bearing several certification stamps, including, but not limited to:
  3. Certificate of Good Conduct
  4. Wealth Declaration
    3.Letter from AG Office on all previous engagements
  5. Mother’s ID with maiden name
  6. Triplicate copies of a declaration by your local pastor that you are no longer a cerfified member of the outlawed sect MGTOW
  7. A Pre-Appplication form duly signed by Njuri njeke that you have never been convicted of being a scumbag
  8. A letter and sample test results for Covid-19, HIV, TB, and all skin diseases prevalent in Africa
  9. Any other documents that may be demanded in the 14 day period as you await your answer.

After receipt of these documents, and after expiry of the 14 day waiting period, then maybe, maybe, she will give a short answer.
Most likely NO.
I wish you luck in this endeavour.

wah love is in the beholders eye…watu wapendane ask France prezzo…technically youngest in his family