Married Single Mother commits vehicular suicide

Damn, these black men are leaving the whole load to women and women are breaking under the pressure. If this is 2 kids, imagine 4,6,9 or 11? Black women need to choose better, black men can’t even provide for their kids even after marriage. This single mother problem is a black man problem, if you are a black woman, mullato woman, or even white you are on your own after you have kids. Responsibility and black men is like oil and water.

This white lady was abandoned by her Lil Boosie look alike and the man crying all over aka his biological dad hasn’t seen him in 2 years and doesn’t support him financially then she moved to Milwaukee to be with another black dude and in less than a month her and her baby boy were shot execution style in the head. Here comes trouble. Here comes danger. Is a black man getting you pregnant. Their area of specialization is hit and run as soon as a child is in the picture.