married people hiko swali

Bado sijaoa,To the married people here when you and your wife are both earning how do you go about the bills ? Do you still give her money for her upkeep ?





Wanted to put up a thread about this issue. Specifically the salon thing. Wale mumeoa, do you still give mama watoto mbeca ya salon? For those still dating, it’s understandable but kama umeoa bado unatoa ya nini? Last time i paid for salon was during her big day. Inside me, nilikua namwambia upuus ya salon tumefunga leo, asijaribu kutaja tena. She moved on and has never mentioned it hadi wa sahii. All she does nowdays is send me pics from the salon for me to comment on the style. ‘Niice!’ is the template answer

watu wana mashida kweli

Wife: Can I cut my hair and make it short?
Husband: Cut it.

W: I took lot of efforts to grow it long…
H: Then don’t cut it

W: They say short hair is the fashion these days…
H: Then cut it

W: What if the fashion changes after I cut?
H: Then don’t cut it

W: All my friends say that I will look beautiful with a short hair…
H: Then cut it

W: But I doubt whether short hair will suit my small face…
H: Then don’t cut it

W: But short hair is very easy to manage…
H: Then cut it

W: But how can I wear flowers in my hair. I love to wear flowers.
H: Then don’t cut it

W: I think there is nothing wrong in trying once…
H: Then cut it

W: But it may take a long time to grow hair again.
H: Then don’t cut it

W: Still I feel like giving it a try once
H: Then cut it

W: If I look ugly after cutting my hair …
H: Then don’t cut it

You can guess what happened to the husband.

You have been married for over 20 yrs tupatie advice

He committed suicide ?

Y’all make married life sound scary as hell

Hii ni mambo kidogo sana. Wacha pipi atumie pesa, pesa iimzoee

It depends for me ill advise give 5%of your salo to your wife if she earns less than you.women love to be given stuff hata kama wewe ni mtu wa mjengo at the end of the month give you wife 500 for her personal use…

na hapo sasa ndio naingilia…hautawahi skia aki kuitisha juu Gikuyu ana sababisha ka mpesa

No puthy for a week…
Women really like using sex to settle scores.

Bora you’re extra careful nisikupate, otherwise this will go down


Yes and unfortunately siku ya salon huwa same day na siku ya kuenda kukula nyama Ole Polos ama kule Naivasha sooo lazima nikae parking hizo dreadi ziki retwistiwa na makucha kupakwa Gel… a verrry grueling experience

My fren…it is not for the emotionally immature…kitu kidogo kama Tissue kuisha haraka inawesa leta vita…

Yes i do even thoygh nowdays she makes more than me! And i pay our kids fee too! Sitaki noma! Na mtu asiniseme

It all comes down to communication during courtship. I believe that during initial stages of a relationship, couples should discuss and agree on ALL matters (finances, in-laws, religion, parenting etc) likely to affect them latter in their marriage before they settle down. However, it should be a good thing for the head of the family to spoil the missus once in a while in appreciation, affirmation and marking out the territory without feeling being extorted and tortured.

how much spoil… how much spoiling do these missusssesss need…quantify please.
I bought handbags worth 12K last month only to hear some murmuring vile simnunulii kitu poa tangible…
I kept quiet lakini iliniwasha…its a card I’ll hold on to