Married men

More like a hundred.

Somebody explain these spear business to @Mrs Shosho !

Are u a product of a singo matha?

House…afadhali uwanze pombe, it helps you know;). You explained this to me a few months with the help of an eager Kikuyu customs teachers one Meria and Muthamaki…sasa tafuta hiyo thread.
…[SIZE=1]Leo naona nitaguza fombe kidogo masaa yake…[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]Na ukigusa hio fobe apana piga nduru ama uanze kulia. Btw what is it with ngeos na kulia wakiwa warefi? … have never understood[/SIZE]

Fobe apana , nitakunywa vijana wakiwacha ! And this will never happen. Anyway make sure you enjoy your weekend .

Kupiga nduru?? nduru mtu hupiga kidogo when the strokes hit home else utatangazia majirani. Kulia maybe, emotions and all that, that is a woman for you. I can turn on the waterworks even when I am not drunk…to drive my point home kikiki…

Na priss hizo maswali usiniulize tena hapa kikikiki. Too complicated. Givwn our history.

Lakini fombe ni lasma today…just a litro mbit.

Oh yes, we see them out here trying to get accepted by those they considered “prudes/squares” and it is laughable yet very sad.
The choices people make…
Yes, things can get “dull” and what have you - which is why you have a brain, use it to fix it.
The world is a very unforgiving place, a lesson best learnt by observation, anecdotal evidence and the like, experience has some very hefty bills.