Married men

85% of you are in open marriages. Just that you don’t know yet.

What’s that?

Tell us more: open marriage ndio gani

:D:D:D:D true…unakuliwa wife, we pia ukisosi ma kunguru, thinking unacheza chini.

Sigwes kubali…open marriages is where married couples can go and fvuck outside without informing their partners…mwanaume anapartcipate in this is a cuckold!

hahahaha i like that. Very true …but they catch feelings ukiambia wasee

Marriage is the biggest scam of the 21st century


Be clear on this !


If yes for how long?

your wife regularly dishes slices huko inje .Wewe pia .

Upuss ssss

You wrong on that ! Marriage is for the few .

He will disagree with your view as the motive was to water down the marriage institution. Open marriages are practised by willing partners. Kila mtu anajua what the other is upto and in some cases they all meet up and swing.
Dunia ilipasuka kitambo sana. One thing tho… aping western world tabias wholesale…watu watapotea sana.

Kupotea ilianza na monogamy na sexual fidelity… very western ideas…

mimi my first thread here was about that. Ukubali mtaishi na amani


But why are beta males suprised wakikuliwa khupipi? Not unless u married a real virgin ( which is 0.0001% ) it should be a non-issue. Kutombewo ni lazimA

If you say so. Baraaaaaaaai thought KT MGTOW have found the light and living the life. Oh bless them.