Married men

…i dont want to judge, but in marriage…tempers flare very fast especially if there is provoking and if one is hot tempered…i wish some situations were reversible…i know he would have walked away…and resurface when everything has cooled down…God save us esp those who are married and get angry at the least pf provoking and signs of disrespect

[SIZE=6]University don held after his wife allegedly dies in a domestic fight over phone[/SIZE]
Local News By Cyrus Ombati 5 hours ago
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Dr Fred Ogola and Mrs Gombe [Photo: Courtesy]
[li]A university lecturer is under probe in connection with the death of his wife[/li][li]His wife was found dead after they reportedly fought over a phone at their Lavington home[/li][li]The wife was said to have demanded to know who had called him[/li][li]She left behind a six weeks old baby[/li][/ul]
A senior university lecturer yesterday appeared in a Kibera court in connection with the death of his wife at their Lavington house.

Police said the 40-year-old lecturer at a university in Nairobi had a disagreement with his wife.

The woman died hours later at the Aga Khan Hospital. She had given birth to their first child a month ago. She was an accountant at a private firm.

Yesterday, the suspect did not take plea as the police applied to be allowed to detain him for 10 more days to complete their investigations.

According to the police, the two had argued on December 31 on where they would usher in the New Year.

They agreed to go for an evening meal at a Java restaurant but the man changed his mind and said he would go alone after he received a call.

His wife was said to have demanded to know who had called him and why he had changed his mind.

Reports of the preliminary police investigation show that the disagreement escalated and the woman fell on the bedroom floor in the ensuing scuffle. The man left the house but called the house girl after an hour and asked her to check on his wife.

Dagoretti OCPD Rashid Mohamed said the house girl informed the man that the woman was still lying on the floor.

“He drove back to the house and took his wife to the hospital later that night, but the doctors could not save her life,” said Mr Mohamed.

At the hospital, the husband was said to have called some of his wife’s relatives to inform them about the incident before the body was moved to a different mortuary.

The woman’s cousin said she could not go out for the New Year party because she had had a caesarean section and so the couple agreed to have coffee at a Java restaurant.

“We understand she could not stand up after she fell because of her condition. The baby was just six weeks old,” the cousin said.

According to the police, the house girl said she heard a commotion from the bedroom before the man walked out.

When the suspect returned home on Tuesday, he told the house girl to leave, which prompted his wife’s relatives to ask the police to intervene. It was then that he was picked up and questioned at the Muthangari Police Station.

“He has partially confessed he fought with his wife,” said an officer. The woman’s family has said it wants justice. A post-mortem examination is planned for today

A baby has no parents now. It’s a sad situation all around.

Why did she want to see his chats with kungurus?

Lakini story ya huyo jamaa haimake sense, ati wife anaanguka then he leaves?

My fren, kuna siku nimechapa wife slaps kadhaa akaanguka na huko nikatoka nikaenda. Kurudi night hours namkuta bado ako hapo analia. Kumbe alikuwa ameumia mguu hata akashindwa kuamka.

Ukiwa na hasira saa hiyo hutambui kama ameumia or not. Unatoka unaenda kutuliza akili kwanza. Unagundua baadaye. Ndio waswahili wakasema hasira hasara.


Kuchapana makofi ju ya kunguru is immaturity of highest degree. Mende itafungwo bure


You work so hard and then one stupid moment and you ruin it all. Life


@junkie used to have a bad temper kama hii nugu lakini ujanja ni zoezi. Go bang some weights in the gym the n most importantly learn to cover your tracks better. Smart kungurus no never to contact you during this period. For a ‘smart’ 40 year old he is fucking retarded


@introvert kuja iko material ya gunia

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  1. Too bad. May she rip. A lady who has undergone CS should be treated just like the child she has given birth to for at least 9 months. Ata iyo plan yake ya kunywa kahawa java ni ill-advised.
  2. Its normal for a man to get texts from gals, sleep with them, get angry when his phone containing mirrions of texts and nudes from gals is confiscated by the wife na haina password. (Hii lazima mkubali to avoid such unfortunate incidents).
  3. The nigga was silly to leave his “main family” during time kama hiyo. (Men, how many times have u been advised that side chics should not be entertained during Dec festivities?) .
    4. And the nigga having known the condition of his wife, hangemrushanisha/hangempiga. Clearly the d!ck took control of his brain cells.[I]
    May she rest in eternal peace. And may the innocent baby boy find peace, love and comfort throughout his life.



Labda alitumiwa picha ya coomer na kunguru akaambiwa “come have this asap”:D. And the nigga having been on a medically-advised dryspell damu yote ikakimbia kwa mjulubeng akawasha biemer na kukanyaga mafuta mpaka kwa kunguru


alilala hapo the whole day analia !!

Women have away to test once patience n tolerance. At what point it crosses them that they are your equal n can take you in a brawl beat me.
Mimi, one day my madam asked me something after polite drinks at the local, that I can’t remember well what it was all about. All I remember is I told her am not answering her. Her misplaced anger showed her she can take me on a brawl, waaah! Sijui ni headbutt na sweep but she went flying faster than she come hadi kwa floor all wailing that her hand was broken n all. Had to pick her up hadi kwa gari n head to hospital. Doctors wanted to know how she got hurt but I had too lie that she fell, I thing they seemed to doubt. Lucky it wasn’t anything serious but swollen muscles.
Tangu hiyo siku, hasira zake anajiwekea.
I never advocate for violence but women should know never to take a man in a brawl. There are many ways to handle a man but this is not one.


lakini kuna hasira ngine hufai kupunguza kwa bibi…mimi nikianza kuskia napumua mbio mbio nachomoka narudi later kama nimecool.

Then again,huku nje watu hutembea kama ni wagonjwa, i’ve witnessed a scene outside a joint in nakuru where a fight ensued and one guy was ejected. Hapo nje he lit a cigarrette, one other smartly dressed tall fella was talking to a lady and warned the smoker to blow his smoke away from them. mtu akaongea mbaya and hapo hapo akapigwa slap,fell to the ground and he was gone. najua the tall guy anakula maharagwe mahali flani saa hii


As a woman I wouldn’t touch my partner’s handset or ask who has called… That is the genesis of anger, distrust, jealousy etc… By the time you know it one or even both of you will end up killing each other…


life & career down the drain.


Fuck you for beating wifey!


Couldn’t have said it better!!

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Can a woman resist temptation? Eve just had to take a bite. Lot’s wife just had to look back… Put down that knife I’m just kidding haha

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It’s hard and one is mostly curious after he puts down the phone or even to peek when he’s chatting or something … But it’s possible, I just trained myself not to touch it after all; my tempers make me do a series of crazy things… It’s for the best at the end of the day.

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