Married Men, You're Heros

I see folks who live with their wives and kids in some tiny 1/2/3 bedroom apartments built by an okuyu miser and feel great deal of pity… African men are not meant to share space with women and kids…those who do are miserable. Where do this slaves space to relax, think deep thoughts, enjoy a bottle of something with friends…just do your own shit without being constantly hustled by the kids, patronized by your woman…

When I think of the loud cartoon noises,kids’ farts and messes, wife nagging, I pray for this poor sobs…how do you poor fellows in the plantation maintain your sanity…

How can you know if you aren’t in the game, I’m guessing you grew up in a traditional setting where you parents adhered to cultural practices to a tee.
If not, you were raised by a single mother. Well i grew up in an urban setting, limited space and in a fully functioning family, mum and Dad still married to date, and it was awesome.
@jerrydubiz , mind drawing for us the compound you were brought up in ?, your fathers mansion on oneside and the wife/wives mansion(s) surrounding your fathers mansion ?

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My old man built a mansion, and a smaller 3 bedroom house in a 4 acre plot… plenty of space for everyone.

So you want to police everyone to live like you’d want ama?


ramblings za njeri booty lakini kuna ka ukweli


Lucky you, unfortunately that’s not the standard of living. Their are others who grew up in bigger spaces than that and are humble to date.

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That’s why we live at home in vast land with thickets . Unaeza nyorosha Bibi quickie kwa kichaka yako bila stress . Ukitaka kufikiria unapanda mti Ile refu .ukivuta bangi huko juu utaona divine vissions kama zile za Mohammad akitomba Amina


Ni swali tu nimeliza @Eng_iti , how do you cope…I’ll easily jump off the building if met with all those chaos…all day every day

Humble? Get that chip off your shoulder…

Can’t relate, I live in a place where i breath fresh mountain air. I step out of my house to see cows crying (sorry, mooing to be milked), chicken looking for a places to lay eggs and listen to weaver birds in nests hanging from the branches of my trees. At night, i hear elephants trumpeting less than a kilometres away.

Good for you, that’s the life

Kwale county ama makueni

Near mt kenya western forest line