Married men/women, saidieni hapa. Do you enter into financial transactions with your wife/long term partner?

Long term financial transactions include purchasing property together, joint bank account, joint investments etc.

Gaidi took a loan and she ended up taking 600k more than she required. She asked if i could take the 600k, nikakubali since i would still use it for working capital for my side hustles. I would also repay her plus interest monthly mpaka io 600k iishe which will reduce her monthly loan burden. This has now brought up so many issues nikama hatuelewani and she is also not the best at maths/finances. Should i just tell her nimepata pesa kwingine?

How do you handle finances with your partners? Or do you just avoid it?

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Avoid business/ loans with ALL relatives. Starting with spouses.

If you must absolutely get into loans, it should only be for amounts that you can afford to lose without damaging the relationship.


yaani unalipishwa mpaka interest… rudisha hio pesa yote na move on to other ventures


Hahaha! you gt baited and you fell for it hook line and sinker… the moment you took that 600k you were expected to pay for the full loan… Kwani wewe hujui kunguru?

It is not that she isnot good at math/finances. I have not met a single woman who cant count her money. Whether ni mama mboga ama CEO

You want peace?, pay up pole pole bila kusumbua… or divorce her (and still pay up) and move on.


Bado hajatuma - i offered to pay her the interest since i have a much better salary. Plus intention was to lessen her burden but i could also use some extra funds for my side biz

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Sijachukua bado - ilikua just a proposal, but i can see italete mashida. I will abort.


if you have not yet accepted the money, don’t accept it AT ALL . You will lose your control over her and the marriage and she will screw you over HARD in the end. Maintain leadership


AMG MGTOW nmeland direct from Bombadier. Iyo pesa ndio italeta divorce. Very few ladies are financially literate. All they know is taking loans . Na hiyo tensio anakupea nyap kweli?


If you must give any money let it be grants. If she wants to take a loan, let her carry her own cross…


As a man. Never, I repeat, never have joint accounts with your wife. Hata family members usijaribu. You’ll realize that those who suggest or recommend such arrangements are somehow not well off. Unapata mtu hata anashindwa na bill zake alafu anakuambia tuingie joint or chama. If you foresee no benefit, avoid.


Couldn’t agree more. The important question to ask: why have a joint account if the process of making the money was not based “joint efforts.” If a lady your dating or married to is not your customer, creditor or boss, then they have no business in your finances, besides what you ought to provide on a regular basis as a husband/man


Atakosaje kulipishwa interest na ni loan inalipwa?? Be reasonable. She is also expected to pay back that 600k. The guy made it clear bibi alichukua 600k more money than she needed.

hakuna reasoning why did she take more than she needs? alipe hio interest awacha panganga

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Divorce tena gathee?? Kwani answer ya kila issue kwenyu hukuwa divorce?? This is not an issue worth divorcing over. It is clearly a minor misunderstanding and he can easily choose not to take that money maisha iendelee vile ilikuwa.


I agree with this 80%. The remaining 20% I disagree. Ni muhimu kukuwa na one joint account for family expenses. Kila mtu akuwe na accounts zake and then have one joint account that you each fund an agreed figure each month for expenses za nyumbani.


NO dealings

Wewe ni kama hujui wanawake and how points for divorce are built up in their sick minds…

You think this ‘small’ issue will ever die a natural death?.. she is obviously angling for his money and how to chew it at all costs even taking loans and offloading it for the dude to pay up…
Today it will be a loan she is taking up, kesho she will come up with another scheme that involves her receiving money and the nigga paying up for it, you can take that to the bank…


You should check the main reason why women seek divorce. FINANCES. for men it is lack of respect.

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That point is not related to this issue. Unaambia mtu a-divorce bibi juu ya such a minor and solvable issue? He can just refuse the 600k aseme haihitaji.

You need to understand the nuances of information not taking everything literally without thinking critically.

Women divorce men because of finances - true. Is that relevant for this scenario? Not really because the current issue is solvable.

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