Married man living a double life killed his secret fiancee/mistress to keep his wife of 22 years from learning about his 7 yr affair with workmate

It’s been a ride and a half with the Derrick Chauvin case. The next very interesting trial will be of this guy who is married but was able to get a woman to believe that he was single to the point that he proposed to her. We all know men are capable of just about anything including having two or three parallel families with none suspecting anything and that is why consulting God before jumping into any relationship is very essential. I know emotions can get the best of us but remember that your decisions can lead to your untimely demise. I bet my oesophagus that if this woman ever imagined that this guy would murder her she would have blocked him completely. As Christians God may not show us the ugly consequences of what may appear to be harmless but will destroy us in the end but He will reveal to us inconsistencies and lack of peace to the point of no longer finding happiness in the relationship. It’s a lifeline God is handing us.

I am putting the explanation of what we can learn from true crime stories bcz most people find it to be a morbid obsession that is of no benefit other than bringing negativity to the mind. I can actually attest to the fact that my interest in true crime has made me a more cautious person, a more conscientious person and a more God fearing person as I am reminded through these real life stories that the world really has nothing to offer except killing, stealing and destroying. I am more vigilant and less trusting but most importantly I have alot more appreciation for how blessed I am to be able to live away from the filth in the world that is destroying lives day in day out. Life away from God is life at the mercy of Satan.

The man is married for 22 years and he’s had a 7 year relationship with a Co worker. He worked in a penitentiary with the lady who was a counselor. Chris Watts affair of 2 months with his workmate was enough to make him kill his kids and pg wife. These workplace affairs always seem to end in tragedy.