Married Gyna Makena Njeri cheated with

Makena hataki chokes.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D That Gyna cheated on a mzungu husband with a black women.

So what is your advice to that mzungu? are black women trash too?

Nkatha kuna opening. You have always wanted a mosungu husband. Ndio huyo mmoja hapo ako broken hearted. Rusha mtama kiwewe

It wasn’t cheating.
Dr. Kinuthia was just doing a smear test with her tongue.

You study and work very hard to become a medical professional. You build your practice and reputation for years. All that just to be forever remembered as the person someone cheated with. There are sobering consequences to this hedonistic Western lifestyle we are so keen on imitating.

madem hata hawajielewi

Mzungu alichezwa.

You know black women are on top of the pile if even a doctor with a very good brain can leave a mzungu for them. Black women know your value. Being with a black man ni kujitupa.

And btw gyna left mzungu for Makena officially.

Makena anapea nini Hawa warembo ? Chadess.