married and women in realtionships

Mbona siku hizi imekuwa rahisi sana kupata madem wako in relationships or married . Kupata dem ako single kutomba ni ngumu sana.

tutasema mara ngapi leta graph ama piechart with diagrams to support your theory

many lanyes are actually married.

tafuta single mum

When a gal bad a gal bad… Not even a mansion in karen can tame her… Kunguru hafugiki

Pamoja’ na padlock na combination lock. Haiwesekaan!

Mwanzo the married women wanagawia some useless men. Alafu their hardworking husbands wanapimiwa sex kama dawa…

This is partially true… But upgrade your game… Its still possible to hammer single ladies…

Wrong … many lanyes are singo madhas fending for their kids, mtu asidanganywe

Wanakudanganyanga ni ma singo mathas. Ulidanganywa. Chanuka

Vipi @Uncle Thio , @Palmela anaendelea aje?

Ua hio doggie kabisa

What he said ni ukweli. Most lanyes do so to fend for their kids. The average woman with a decent financial bedrock does not sell pussy - at least not the conventional way. The same way fathers with good finances don’t do armed robbery. Most prostitutes are single mothers. Most armed robbers are fathers. It is the paternal instincts to provide that push them to those limits.

Show me a single mother who has been jobless for two months and has rent arrears, and I will show you a woman who is ready kujiuza. The same way, show me a man with a wife and a kid or two, and bankrupt, and I will show you a ripe candidate for robbery.

you’re just getting old, go to trendy clubs

There are many exceptions to the rule… there are many thieves who are already wealthy… and there are many loose women out there with multiple partners even when they are ‘happily married’. And a woman will still want you to take care of her even when she has somebody doing that on a full-time basis…! And I am writing this from experience from several married women who want to sell me their used cat for 10k! And many many wealthy people who are in the public domain who will easily refuse to pay you for services rendered to them! I do not want to say that we all elected wealthy wealthy wealthy leaders who are in so many ‘stealing’ scandals!!

True. That was a general rule about lanyes i.e wadinywaji wa kulipwa.

Wrong. Most engage in prostitution not because wamekosa namna ya feeding their kids but because it is the easiest way to make a decent amount of cash.The same way many people engage in corruption not because they can’t get rich working hard but because its a short cut and are lazy
I mean, why go to Gikomba at 5 am to buy tshirts or marikiti to buy nyanya for reselling just to make 500 a day when she can get fucked by 3 betas a week at 3K each ?

Kwani u r a robber? Wueh

I have to agree with you.

Cold hard truth to bonobos. Msiende kuzaana kama panya bila stable sources of income.