Some marriages have failed to work because people do not give the vows the meaning it deserves.

Yes i do are just three words people have failed to understand.

Yet other words with impact “for better for worse” what do we really mean when we say for …worse "
How comes we don’t put up with adultery, bestiality, cruelty and other bitter things as worse?
What is worse?
Perhaps i should ask…
Are you exceptionally deprived?
Isn’t that worse???

Marriages are failing because most people have failed to define the vows and … For better for worse.

Guys what are your responses to this?

I agree The vows are so strong. Kwanza said before God… It should be,taken seriously

Marriages are failing because men refuse to be men, they want to be slaved after not provide and consult their parents on everything
Marriages are failing because women refuse to be treated as lesser beings and maybe refuse to be the kind of wives their grandmothers were
Marriages are failing because our culture isnt what it was, we have borrowed a lot from the westerners
Most importantly marriages are failing because people are getting into it for the wrong reasons and without being ready, they carry their selfishness into it and lack commitment


How blue handles are dodging this thread


My response is that you should never be the first to comment in you own thread.
My recommendation is that you “sefisha sisi mecho.”

marriage skuizi ni trickey don’t know their role women don’t know their role. we are just fucked up.ukipata mtu mnasikizana at an intellectual level count yourself lucky.

Marriages are failing because of feminism and gender equality campaigns, a woman is not equal to a man

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and they will never be unless they start growing dicks btwn their legs.

…and walk down the isle with a small pottie and bald and claim they are sexy. . .

If two things are not equal you’re implying that one is greater than the other. Smh!

Na waskume mkokoteni bila shati.

Niaje conman.

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I don’t think they worked before either but because of survival instincts pple hang in there. Nowadays with fewer kids -our grandparents had 10 kids a piece - sasa utaenda wapi na hao wote evn if the guy is Hitler or which man will leave 10 kids to start another family even if his wife is jezebel and better finances, the motivation to ‘vumilia’ isnt so strong. Siku hizi people have choices! Before divorce was a luxury noone could afford!

Ndoa ni kama choo aliye.[SIZE=16px]ndani anataka kutoka na wa nje anataka kuingia.

Marry for the right reason and know your exact role, if both of you wear a pair of trousers and grow beard you will fail. Forget the rest.[/SIZE]