Marriages made in heaven

This got me crying… The WA Jesus family become first time parents.

Heshimu mamako. This looks PAINFUL…

As long as you ain’t circumcised hakuna kitu unatuambia

I know you female


:D:D:D:Dpeace brother…peace.

I think folk that attempt a home birth by themselves take on a v big risk. How would they handle a last minute emergency that requires one to have a c-section at the last minute?

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Mnakuaga Na ujinga Sana nyinyi ma t…

Nilikuliza swali, wewe mwenyewe are YOU circumcised? Weka picha hapa. I know you are an uncircumcised. You are a boy. Rudi utahiriwe please. Stop projecting. You people don’t circumcise men. You are still a boy. Boys should not talk to grown ups.

But our great grand shoshos had no problem. in fact i know a lady very close alitoka kwa shamba kulima and had the baby in the afternoon.

I don’t know what they were thinking. Ingekuwa mimi, as the baby daddy I would have already fainted. Enyewe there are men who have serious balls achana na Hawa alfa mails wa huku and he looks so calm. Most men here would have fainted. My pressure rose from just watching it. Women in slums and shags don’t go hospital, the stand push and bath the baby and get back to work.

This will be me if anyone tries to give birth near me… I am the one who will need the ambulance

There was a very high mortality rate.

I am concerned about where a problem occurs at the last minute because it does happen. I cannot bear to watch the video but nauliza aje…tutafika wapi na hii social media attention seekers?

We don’t… circumcise?

They’re getting paid, they work from home and home school their kids. It’s actually my dream life. It’s good to see an alternative. We are all so generic, it’s a breath of fresh air. To see a family that is in its own league. But I can’t even graze my knee without going to the doctor, I sure as hell can’t be at home with anybody about to download a whole baby from her vagina. Heeelll NO.

Sasa if you yourself are not circumcised, kwani unagonjea nani?

Watu kama sisi ambao tunafuata Buddha hatuaoa tutabaki philosophers hadi tukufe

Mafala wanaoa na hata wakiangukia @TrumanCapote wanalipia mahari

Nini iko hapo sasa