This will embolden a certain subgroup of women [ATTACH=full]279108[/ATTACH]

Read somewhere they have changed the name from WOMAN TO WOMYN

All women are instictively wired to start panicking when they clock 30 without husbands

Niaje kivisiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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You were right on this mami

perhaps Kenyan women due to societal pressures and expectations?

alafu in the same article wamevamia alpha males wa ktalk wakiongozwa na @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii

I disagree with the author that married men earn more money. They don’t earn more money because they are married. They earn it from experience and wisdom …clearly, the author doesn’t understand causation. Older men are likely to be married and are also likely to be loaded due to decades of experience in their craft. Their wealth has very little to do with marriage. Married men are likely to be wealthy. That is correlation, not causation.

Marriage also makes them more likely to settle in one profession or job…this could increase chances of promotion and experience on the same job. Bachelors are risk takers since they have no dependants which could pay off very well…or backfire badly.

@MBOMB is an unmarried woman

The average woman in town is looking for a “financially stable” man. In fact, most women will disqualify a man who ticks all other boxes except the money. That is enough for you to know that women typically ride on the man’s success, and are not responsible for making him successful. When a man makes ££, he becomes attractive to women, not the other way round.

Tutakunywa keg siku gani

Kuja nikubuyie kesho

Grt news. Wanawake wakae peke yao


Women are lying to themselves, they cant deter from the consequences of evolution. Women need men. Women lives are chaos and they need stoic men to cool them down-the fastest way to break-up with your woman is being a cry baby, pour all your emotions to her and see her disappear.

l’ll give you an example, in UK they took 15 women (aged between 23 to 45) to an island for an expedition. The same was done for 15 men. In this expedition you are only given, knifes and nothing more… You have to fend for yourself and get fresh water for 7 days. From the show, you will see how women lives are chaos and they could only survive for two days. Men on the other hand, survived for entire 7 days and had even sent a chain of command. The leader being the eldest and he assigns duties to everyone and they respected the chain of command.

women dont know what they want and are like children, and thus as a man you must lead her. Show her the way. If she makes a mistake you have to punish her and give her rewards once something good is done. The amount of punishment is relative to different men; from withdrawing attention to doing other things. Rewards are also different but remember dont reward her in full force lest she knows that you are buying the shit called love.

Watakaa peke yao lakini wajaze high court kuitisha alimony, child support and 1000 other bills from men.

At the risk of sounding msyogenistic in this politically correct society, I think you hit the nail on the head.

Hahaha u can write 1000 pages about women but u still will never figure them out. There’s a reason our forefathers were polygamous - they were not stupid. Monogamy is unnatural hata ufuate guide gani.

Women and men need each other and that is nature. Men need women for reproduction. Women need men for survival. It is as simple as that. The average woman lives a life that she cannot afford on her own because she depends on a man to survive. In exchange, she gives the man kids and takes care of them. At base, we are animals, just more evolved.