The institution of marriage in this day and age has been made to look like a joke. People are getting married without being sure what they want in a marriage. That’s why people are divorcing each day. Divorce rates are higher than the rates of HIV infections in Kenya. Its no miracle to find people separating or divorcing because “it did not work”, nowadays people marry for different reasons; money, sex, pleasure, societal expectations which will make the marriage even toxic. A high percent shows that people in marriages cheat the highest. Men will be cheating on their wives with young campus chicks while women will cheat on their husbands with some energetic young campus guy who can drive her till cloud 9.

The problem is that there is no way you can love someone for all those years. After a year it will be a boring marriage, doing all the same things year in year out. There is no way you can be eating just one pussy or dick and be satisfied with it. It doesn’t work that way. Men usually say " siezi kula sembe kila siku lazima nikule chakula ingine kama chapati, mchele, pilau", loosely translating to men admitting that they can’t rely on a single pussy only. Women too are not left out in this trend. That’s why people cheat day in day out. This trend also leads to people infecting each other with a string of sexually transmitted infections. This is because people in marriage rarely use protection since both of you trust each other. Leading to infections of diseases and later the blame game starts. Marriage is fucked up nowadays.

Basically, what i see is people living together to produce kids out of it and achieve what society expects of them. There is no marriage. I don’t believe in splashing millions of shillings just to carry out some wedding when i could have used it somewhere else for a better cause. For me, i don’t believe in marriage, its just not for me. I know its not also for some of the villagers in here but they will go ahead and marry just because of pressure from parents and the society.

Ungefikisha hapo. Kuna wengine pia wako na maoni tofauti.

Well, ungesema tu you are scared of the responsibilities that comes with marriage. Understand that you are a product of marriage, unless your is a single mother

Yea I am. But you know in the generation of our fathers and mothers marriage was honoured unlike today.

I am considering never getting married. Every relationship that I have been with gets deathly boring and stressful after the one year mark. Can’t imagine spending an eternity with some mbitches.

I will marry when I want ~ is a play that I would wish to read and understand. :cool:

but you will never understand it since you will be already married

Marriage to me is vision 2030, naimba tu waachae waoane!

women can be satisfied with one dick for eternity , sisi ndio sijui tuko na shida gani kitu mupya ni tamu hata kama bibi ni corazon kwamboka nikipata kitu mupya pigmy nanyandua chini ya wabaa .

unataka kusema mama clichy hajawahi oja d**k ingine ??

marriage is not a bed of roses , whether during our parents time or current times, its just “kuvumiliana” and life goes on…

Marriages are very much like airplanes… you only get to hear about those that crash.