Marriage was a scam all along, it's just men are waking up to this hard hitting reality.

Marriage has been a scam time immemorial. It’s like a business partnership of two share holders, (husband) brings ninety percent in the business the wife brings ten percent in the partnership but the wife ends up taking ninety percent of the proceeds from the business and the husband is left with ten percent.
Number two paternity fraud. Men have woken up to the reality that their wives are still philandering with their exes or new catch they get along the way and if they find them more appealing than their husbands they stray, high chance is not all kids belong to that man in that marriage or sometimes all the kids…
Men by default have been turned foster fathers or step father’s majority oblivious of their low status in the marriage.
Marriage is not a conduit of ladies closing their legs married women are the most easy lays and single mothers.
Marriage of the 21st century is a joke a big joke it’s a shell of itself.
It is dying slowly…

The thought of sleeping me sleeping alone and going without sex for days scares me alot, i would understand if the above reasoning is coming from a man who suffers from Erectile Dysfunction, others hio ni yako.

Hii ujinga peleka TikTok…

Ni funny watu wakisema oh ati you must have ED to not get married, as if married men aren’t some of the most sexless men on earth.

Married men survive longer than their unmarried counterparts

Unmarried women are happiest and survive longest!


I have tried both. Being single and being married and I would rather choose married life any day. Loneliness, promiscuity and generally feeling unsettled are not good things

Hio ni ukweli Shifo.During single days life ilikua tu usherati na pombe,banging different women everyday.Ama natoka job mapema narushia dem random mtama kwa stairs anakuja kwa keja nakula.The number of accidents i got whole drunk ni mingi saidi.Na madem kadhaa nili dry fry lwa gari while drunk.
Halafu half the time fridge haina kitu.Ukifungua mlango unaona ka tomato kamoja kaki roll to the corner.Halafu freezer iko na chupa moja ya absolut whiskey ya kumumunya.Ilibaki tu kidogo Enigma a die.Married life any day.

True dat Omera

As a man suffering from Erectile Dysfunction I find this offensive. Change your comment.

Watu waache kutuingilia sisi watu wa ED. We are human beings even we have non functioning dicks.

You retards like to generalize.

Fact: There are miserable people in and outside marriage.

So, whether you are happy or miserable in marriage is determined by the type of person that you marry. If you marry Capote, you become a philosopher.

Who you marry is more important than whether you marry.

I agree with you shifo.

Na hapo kwa promiscuity ndio shida kubwa iko. Yani u are on the look out Kila time kama mwizi, unapima ni gani inakaa rahisi ukakule. Unaokota madem unapigwa na PNC, unaboeka tena unarudi kuwinda…stress tu

Loneliness, promiscuity and generally feeling unsettled

Moi lived like a mini-god while being unmarried…such life seems fine to me.


True dat rasta

Moi had money, power and kids who were very close to him(Gideon, Jonathan et al)

This is a personal problem that has nothing to do with marriage. CBK governor is single na huwa hafanyi hizi vitu. Unfortunately, a lot of men marry for the wrong reasons, they are unhygienic and too lazy to do things around the house and they look for an extension of their mothers from women. Most women will pick this up and they won’t bother to bring in anything else

Let’s swap ED with Bottom fagget.

Mbona unakubali watoto wabadilishwe majina na kuitwa Maxwell Jayden, Hottentious Maxine, Supalintus Dwight