Marriage is hard small.Huyu alisema atachelewa there's an urgent report she needs to finish



Same woman

i wish i was a white guy in africa …unlimited easy p**sy everywhere

Why don’t you try Bleaching yourself?
Ama utakufa bila kuonja pussy…

Not really. Women assume you have money. Most women will be willing to fuck you, but at an exorbitant price. A mzungu will be subjected to more requirements despite having the access. In my opinion, it is better to be a good-looking African than a mzungu. That is the sweet spot where you get pussy for free and women won’t expect shit from you. The only risk, you may father kids that you will never meet because some women will only be interested in your babies. Apart from that it is smooth sailing all the way. The mzungu will struggle fending off gold-diggers (and thieves too), you wont because people don’t automatically assume that you have $$.

:D:D:D:D:D… Corporate whores , sorry Professionals

hawa watu there’s no standard manual…ata i gave up trying to study them

Wacha watu wakule Mali.hakuna asali tamu kama ile umeiba.

What sold her out? The wedding photo above her head?

The sweet spot is having money and being red pilled.
You understand their psychology and they are not able to take advantage of you like a beta. The game is basically rigged to your advantage.
Hapa unakula wanawake na maisha with a very huge spoon.

Indeed cooperate whores.No wonder most CEOs prefer there wives staying at home, they are paranoid what they do to others will be done unto them

Seems like coworkers.

Am sure you meant staying descreet and not just at home… hehehe… mambo ya kutembea tembea na bibi kila mahali issa no…

huo ni umama wacheni jamaa akule mboga yake in peace