Marriage is a scam for women - The Case of Willis Raburu

Many may laugh at Natasha Donna being pumped and dumped by Diamond Platimums especially married women but they never realize that for a man walking out of a marriage is too easy, leaving even 10 kids behind is like nothing to a man. I’ve been telling women here especially mwingine Ali import bwana that they need to save their money, buy their own assets and basically put themselves first and reduce their liability in the marriage as much as possible. As in don’t be overly invested in the marriage financially, psychologically and identity wise because this is a human being you are dealing with. Anything can happen so as a wise person you should always be ready for any eventuality especially because you are the one who will be left with the kids to hustle and struggle with. Lakini for most women who are married wanaona walifikanga. They lose themselves in the man. They lose their friends, even their family. They move to another country. Name it a woman can do anything for her husband or bf or baby daddy but tables are turned, I can assure you that your husband who you airlifted to US and settled there would have never done the same thing for you. Akutoe muchatha akulipie kila kitu akupelekee majuu? Nah! Anyway, wacha ninyamaze don’t want to be told I am salty ati oh I sleep next to him and I trust him with my life and all my money and I am so submissive to him blah blah. I have seen enough cases. I know the kind of about face men are capable of. So many people thought that they were happily married, they were blindsided when they least expected it. Wanaume ni wale wale tuu. Still nawatakia kheri na fanaka but it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. Wanadamu ni waongo my sisters, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. My heart goes out to Mary Prude. Losing a child is so hard now the husband who should comfort you humiliates you publicly. Those are men for you. Usiwahi jidai na mwanaume. Women worship husbands more than even God. Ndio unaona you can leave God juu mtoto amekufa but not your husband. I told you in another post that giving a man your heart is idolatry. Your heart belongs to God and God alone not even your children. All you hear from most married women is My husband. My husband. Utashanga. He could very well leave you for mzungu or muganda or mrwandese. I hope this poor woman will find God again and that Willis will return to God and his senses. My prayers will be going up tonight for Marya Prude. Hugs mom. May God send you support from His holy Mount Zion.

Waliachana vizuri. They split household Goods and he paid two months rent. She is still young and will get strong virile man to give her twins. At times if it doesn’t worth ondokea don’t force because of societal perceptions.

Why an ethical man feel okay leaving behind 10 kids?? Do you realise what all this leads to in the lives of those kids and even the women? Am not a single mother but I find that behavior so shady.

Had no idea where your name came from. Saw a book bearing author’s name like it recently. Back to this post: Preach.

Men have no attachment to kids compared to mothers.

How comes our fathers are attached to their children then, the ones they get with their official spouse. As a woman, I think hio ni excuse tu ya kuget away with doing wrong

They’re attached because they are on good terms with the mother of the children. Once the relationship with the mom goes sour, for most men so does the the relationship with the kids but he can even raise another man’s kids and neglect his own based purely on his relationship with the kids mother. For mums love for kids is unconditional even if she’s not in good terms with their father though I’ve seen few cases of moms neglect and abandon their kids from deadbeat baby daddy and start family with a responsible guy but for dads his rship with his kids is contingent on the relationship with their mother most of the time.

Not necessarily. For instance this is not allowed in Luhya culture. You will see such especially with Kikuyu men but in Luhya culture mtoto ni wa baba and they take care of the child despite the kind of relationship with their mother. I think all men from all tribes should emulate this juu so many kids wanateseka huko nje yet they have able fathers. They also don’t get to grow up with their father and this has major implications on a child.