Marriage Age

Listen to Kijiji Mzee my Sons and all will be well with you;

  1. In 20’s - do not marry neither think of it. Invest Invest Invest, be selfish, build yourself (don’t even have a girlfriend)

  2. In 30’s - invest the more marry not, be tethered not

  3. In 40’s - reinvest the more do not think of marriage

  4. 50’s - get a girl not older than 25 yrs, give her your seeds, let her bring you an offspring (with the investment you have done for the last 30yrs, the young ones will be trolling you like a swamp of bees so you have entire troop to choose). Don’t get tethered by her, let her be your babymama, treasure and keep her for the wellness of your seeds

Remember with all the investment you have done for all those years in Saccos, Stocks, bonds, real estate (assets), your children will get the best of the world

If you listen to me my son at my old age, you will live happy as the man you were born to be for the rest of you life

Dont mislead people banae

:D:D:D:D:D…SI ungesema tu MGTOW= FREEDOM !!!

Get married then at your age 20’s na by my age, utakuwa umejaza kijiji hekayas

Kuna jamaa wako in their twenties wako na domestic problems already kama za middle-aged couples.

Yaani jamaa ako ni shinda mingi za kinyumbani yet you are older than him.

I always wonder how they will be coping by the time they are 50.


On matters of marriage and kids, men and women are guided by different things.

As a man, your most important factor is wealth, not age (age matters too but to a much lesser extent).

As a woman, your most important factor is age.

Thats why women look for rich men, and men look for young fertile women.

Remember a man can start a family at 60, a woman will be lucky to get pregnant at 40.

Women should be concerned about time and men should be concerned about money.

I don’t support marrying in the 20s but the most appropriate age is 35. 50 is already too old you will be 70 when your kids are teens and you won’t be able to cope with them.

Men don’t have an expiry date (menopause) like women, at 70 or 80, a man can bring up an offspring with a young fertile woman. Most important, spend your young years (below 50) investing for you to enjoy in the near future with the youngest fertile hot thing

At 50, by the time you are 70, your kids are 20 years - adult age (best age to get kids and you are already wealthy they enjoy the sweet life)

You were brought to this world by two idiots in their 20’s suffering, you entered to suffer like them, why do you want to bring others to suffer like you?

That’s true, when you are old your kids and young wife will run circles around you, hell they might even shag and conspire against your Bernie Sanders looking hide.

Then the very thing you slaved for years to accumulate will be gone in a matter of months, advice zingine hapa Kenyatalk siwezi ambia adui yangu jameni.

  1. Please stop insulting my parents
  2. I have never suffered

Huyu Mzee @jmoy Hana akili

I wasn’t referring to your parents - just general. Keep your nerves down Chifu.

I think there is some logic to this. But this is ideal if you are self-made. Richkids wanaeza kuoa mapema ata 20s ju hakuna pressure ya maisha vile. By 40 you should be done with investments na umepata mtoto ata mmoja… Yes, it’s not ideal kuoa these days unless it’s a really high quality lady. Kama uko early 30s kama mimi or younger, spare yourself the stress but lea watoto wako…

Majority of the guys who rushed to marry in their 20s are not doing so well relationship wise. Kujaza picha kwa status na mukuru ndio zao to save face but marriage yenyewe iko in shambles. 30s ndio time ya kuoa for a man. Umekulana ukatosheka

Atleast have one kid early but don’t get married… but take care of your kid.

I wouldn’t take advice from anybody who thinks parents sre idiots

We are on the same wavelength Mr DJ. Vijana wafurahie Maisha in their 20s but MTU akuwe na familia before 40

Wewe engineer pia ni MGayTOW?