Marriage advice from a Kenyan lady married to a junguu

Ladies and gentlemen, attention please. If you are newly weds, engaged. Married, divorced and don’t want it to happen again. Here is a little advice to those who want a long lasting and a happy marriage… Create a working formulae on decision making in the house and because you are the man and the head of the house, take decisions on bigger issues where as your wife take decisions on smaller issues . Do not interfere with each others decisions.
Smaller issues like which car to buy, which school your kids should attend, how much to save, who and when, which house to live in, which neighborhood to live in, which refrigerator to buy ,monthly expenses, where to go for holidays, whose mum you should visit, all these and other related small issues should be decided by your wife and you should agree to it.

As a man take lead on bigger issues like whether Iran should attack America, whether Britain should lift sanctions against Zimbabwe, uranium enrichment in North Korea, Whether Arsenal should buy players or change their coach , whether Kenya is a democratic country or not , Whether Sanchez will join Liverpool and not Chelsea … Such big issues you know ,I bet your wife too will never object to any of these big issues you will be handling as a man and you will stay happily …Hehheeeh on behalf of all prospects!! “”

Kapondi you need to be taken to an asylum.

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Man ni kama president of the house. He has the right to or not to sign any decision the wife makes.

You can’t reason with makena. Nashuku ni Atty wa BBK