Marriage a death trap

So this evening I checked into my house and kidogo get notification on my phone of Ruth Matete going live. So me having turned into a lunje na 411 during lock down I want to get the tea from the horses mouth staki kuskia from third party. I put her on the telly nione hii story vizuri. So she starts singing, she sings, she sings and sings. I am like I thought this is a rejoinder for Nigerians claiming she killed their son. I went to the shower put her on speaker there so that I don’t miss anything, she sings and at the end of the live she says she will sing more kesho. We send her the songs we want her to sing for us.

Until earlier today I didn’t know this guys had issues, when a Nigerian who has lived with them has has evidence went live and said she’s crazy and she’s been physically abusing the husband and he even has audio evidence. To a point of them going to the police station. He showed photos of the good pastor’s family, his wife and two kids. Sasa nikashindwa which church allows its pastor to marry another woman when his first wife is still alive and well. The so called pastor nowonder mabaya yamefuata it’s the tears of his innocent kids and wife. Chungeni sana some of these churches you go to because it’s just money minting operation using the name of God. Wacha watu waende Lee kucheza na Mungu tuu.

I am just asking married people and people in relationships. If you are unhappy for whatever reason even if you have kids or are pregnant. Can’t you just walk out, why do you have to kill. We have been seeing femicide at least this year the cases are not many but guys and girls, what is so hard in just leaving someone bcz surely 5 months is very short time for all these drama.

Chungeni sana coz so called love turns not just to hate but murder and in some cases people even murder kids of the estranged lover or gf or bf or wife or husband. Yaani if this is not the height of demonic. I don’t know what is, ukiona mtu amekuacha you kill them, their child. Surely, let’s sober up relationships and marriages are not matters of life death. Corona is. Cancer is. Other unavoidable things are. Let’s not get carried away by emotions until you kill a child, kill your husband, wife, gf, bf or even their child just to spite them. It’s very wrong. Kitu ikikushinda unaachananga nayo, it no be by force ooohh. If someone wants to move on without you shida iko wapi so you were living very well before you met them? Let’s avoid obsessive psychotic attachments to people in the name of love. Please. Life is sacrosanct. It’s very painful. Don’t kill unless ni deni yako mtu ako nayo.

[COLOR=rgb(0, 168, 133)]Didn’t read, lakini Capanty liner hii bidii yote ya kutusi ndoa ungekua umeweka kwa reach husband hungekuwa hapa.

[COLOR=rgb(0, 168, 133)]Lakini ngombe ni ngombe tu

:D:D:D:D:D… Finally you have admitted that Mgtow=Freedom

They were divorced.

muwachane ndio muchekwe social media?

Hio statement ya mwisho tumekataa Deni pia tunawaachianga