Marketing gurus: Your input is required

Asand sana. Hiyo sikujua, niliassume

we all know Coca Cola products…coke, fanta, sprite etc…but they keep advertising everywhere every month…Its about repetition of marketing message. Google has just started. The likes of Guinness, Coca Cola, and Safaricom have perfected the art

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Huyo mimi…

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my Campus teacher told me on the day tht i asked him a question tht he cdnt ferkin answer…“

tht was around 15 plus years.

since then…pan tambua sijui bing sijui yahoo,…who the ferk uses yahoo?

Advertising is psychological,the more you see or hear something ,the more you relate with it.

so true

siku hizi kwangu maziwa ni Ilara…hiyo advert huwa wanaimba in unison.

The same could have been said of Omo, Treetop and Kimbo years back, where are they now?

It has many dimensions. Think of someone who is new to the internet. Which search engine would you use? The one you know of. And how do you know? By those many advertisements. Think of a kid who is new to sodas. The only soda he/she has seen or heard is Fanta, when you go to a shop the kid will ask for what they’ve heard.

One thing I learn about these big corporations like Google, Facebook, Coca Cola etc is they really do know what they’re doing. They have dedicated millions to research on the importance of these types of marketing. There’s a reason they’re that successful. If you have a small business just replicate what they do and you save money you could have used on such research.

Thanks for the post sio mimi pekee , I have even seen their tv ad and wonder if they need to advertise , for me google is ubiquitous, mpaka fathe in his 70’s husema ni google kitu this is a man who thinks a keyboard is a wooden keyholder , and gigabyte is a bite from a flea !
Guess google know something we don’t that’s hey they are always ahead of the curve ![/SIZE]

Mbisha ilikwom?

Google is just KPLC that went global

I doubt you are in college. Which is your other handle. Hii ujuzi no ya MTU amekomaa Na kubaleghe

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