Marketing gurus: Your input is required

I was along Kikwete road just past EACC heading to town when I saw a google advertisement. It wasn’t about corporate services but about using google search. Considering the behemoth that google is, they already have the mobile device/smartphone market/industry by the balls, they are automatically where anyone will turn to when in search of anything, it already is a dictionary entry (by the way should bootylicious be attributed to beyonce/destinys child while snoop used the word severally in his music during the 90’s?), it is the first thing that will come to mind when telling someone else to find something, why would they need to advertise while word of mouth and sheer reputation can do it for them?

there are those psychos who swear by yahoo
i have seen people open browsers, google is the home page, but they go to yahoo to conduct searches

Brand visibility

Si hata mi hushangaa mbona bado facebook hujiadvertise kwa most mobile apps na already hakuna mtu haijui…

So that means those guys are aware of google and by their own choice, choose to use something else. Marketing to them won’t make them change their minds

Bing is better tahn Google for p0rn, thanks Bill Gates.

Wako kila mahali. The moment you whip out your phone, if it is android hiyo ni google tayari

By the way its like they dont realise what google is. They just know yahoo has everything on their landing page, a link for their email, news is right there, weather forecast, a search box etc

True, at some point I used to do some online marketing and ads from Yahoo had a higher conversion rate. Those old firts having everything on yahoo could click and buy like crazy.

Well, most people who use google have no idea that the google search engine exists. Take a sample of ten people in a cyber (or even in this village) and ask them their preferred search engine. 9 will tell you they are not car fans. Google knows this and that is the reason they are trying to educate users. Competitors such as Yahoo and Bing will often try to rope in unsuspecting users.

Increasing brand visibility and awareness is key to every brand hata kama they’re already doing well. It’s a continuous process, it never stops!

Ahsandeni sana. Kwa hivyo ni mimi najipea stress hapa na iko watu hawajuani na computer kama mimi

Kwa hivyo tuseme wewe ni marketer mahali?

Is this why you still keep telling guys utawapa ikusde bila shida even tho. you are the market leader hii sector

Yeah! Can’t you see the way I’m marketing my nunu left right and centre? Yaani I have even liked all your posts…

:D:DYes! I can see y’all learning something today!

Hataki like, he wants you to lick his post

kama Safaricom

agreed. Bing porn results are better than google

Hehehehehe!!! Waah, weka mbisha kwanza ni whet my appetite. Si unajua men lazima waone kwanza ndio waproceed to @Twangapepeta