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Nmechoka kufinya dudu na haiendi, nichukue hii? What are the downsides? [ATTACH=full]427196[/ATTACH]

Don’t even dare. The answer is in that resale value.


What about it?

That resale value is quite low. But do the following

  1. Check chasis. Make 1000% sure haiko bent
  2. Fanya engine diagnostics
  3. Check gearbox.
    Use a mech that you know is good and if those check out, nunua basi.

Downside ni fuel consumption. Kama ww ni mtu wa 9-5 job driving in bumper to bumper traffic, you will definitely feel the difference in fuel costs. But kama wewe ni mtu wa long distance or u work from home, haitasumbua

who told you he wants to resale it. Atatumia hadi iishe kabisa

Thanks, I work from home, I just do shopping trips and roadtrips once in a while

Exactly, I’ll use it for a few years.

It can also fly so if you take it chunga kukimbia sana

and the headlights are always dull. Usituwekee full lights

Left Headlight is more clear than the right one. Meaning it might have been replaced. Check for collision on that side of the car. Check if the paint is matching in the whole vehicle. Fresh or bad paint work means body work. Check for leaks in the engine n transmission areas. Basically kama wewe sio mechanic enda na mtu anajua what to look for in a locally used car

higher fuel and maintenance costs
While depreciation will be minimal juu ni gari mzee, you will struggle to sell compared to your kadudu, premios, or other toyoyos

you cant get comprehensive for vehicles 15 yrs and older (most insurers)
meaning you wont get comprehensive after 2023. May be relevant if you consider comprehensive important

Soma hii thread.