Mario leaves Juventus


Wat of the other Mario? Wa brescia

huyo mjaluo huwa na att noma…he never gives a shit kwa hao waitaliano wao

Was always an inevitability…
Ronaldo shadows(or tries to) the whole attack:)

Ata dybala alipunguza steam vile Ronaldo alikuja Juventus

He was to go to manjester

Maurizio Sarri running Juventus into the ground:D

Another flop move for him. All the skill of Drogba with a fraction of the effort applied.

Personally I don’t understand why he feels the need to feel Italian when they all clearly hate him. He should have just picked Ghana. Kiburi ni kitu mbaya

Ronaldo is shit

An excellent professional. All the best

It’s never that easy considering career progression.

The are so many African player in Europe who play for their national teams and their career progression has never been hindered

akona kiburi mingi na alikuwa adopted:D

Maybe it’s a defense mechanism against the racist environment he grew up in…

Na vita za man city?

Hio si kiburi…ni utoto