Marinating itself for the feast!!! Hawa madem hapa hehehehe


Those thighs.Imagine you between yellow thighs.No way im too young too die…Mr googz-Fed Up .2001

Her eyes are too clear, I think she just posed with the drink… I hate it when a female wear bold, manly timepiece.

Upcoming MCA who has a brother on the dean’s list in California, likes this

She used to call herself Miss Y on several years ago. Karibu nimkule but sikuwa napenda mifupa. I was and still am a momo fan :D:D:D

huyu ameshaft boychild bila lube black label ya 6K. Haujacount doo ya food, chaser, fuel/uber hio ni kama 4K. Mimi nisha piga hesabu ya 10K na sijui kam 3K ya slices ifike dent ya 12K. Hapa ndio mimi husema pussy is overrated. Juu Utaspend hio yote alafu what kunguru can offer is only pussy

You mean a bottle of whisky costing 6k! Kwani hii kitu imetengezwa na nini. Watu wako na pesa kweli

Miss yunika

Alcohol is always overpriced in the club. If a bottle (mzinga) carries 25 shots, that means that even at ksh. 150/- a tot, you can sell a normal bottle of Kibao or Blue Moon at Kshs. 3,750/- while the same bottle is bought from suppliers at Kshs 370/- if bought in mass.

Now imagine what that means for high end alcohol being sold in high end clubs at prices anywhere between Kshs. 300 to 650 a tot.

If you ever want to feel angry at how much money you waste at the bar, just find out the original prices of all alcohol sold and compare with the marked up prices. Utalia!

Sexy smooth soft thighs

Average SJ hooker

:D:D agreed 100%

Ile yako ulituanikia hapa damages ilikuwa how much?

If you think like that hutawai nunua anything ever on this earth…kila item lazima muuzaji akule profit…situations kama hizi unanunua kinywaji yako ukiwa home…unaanza kumeza mdogo mdogo while you wait for time ya kwenda out…by the time unafika kwa bar uko maji kiasi so unaitisha moja ama mbili ya kupimana meffi

Sio mbaya…

Everyone has a different taste…One’s food’s another’s poison…:stuck_out_tongue:

Sex is not all about making children. You must be a different woman to your husband every time. Seduce your husband, don’t always allow your husband to ask for Sex, there must be no timetable for sex. Be creative, don’t be predictable. Give him what he wants. If you lose influence over your husband, you have lost womanhood. Be part of your husband’s plans.