:D:D:D:D Before kura za kibira ziishe Mariga atajua what mudslinging is.


How can a guy who mumbles and has never uttered a word in a TV commercial even address people??? Hata wangeleta ule jamaa wa mawowowo…nigga would have been IN by 4am before voting begins!

Kenyan politics still a joke, why do outsiders even get considered for political positions in different areas.
Kwani wanoishi kibra hawajui mwenzao anaeza hiyo kazi?
Tells you we have a long way to go, regarding electing the right persons to represent us.
This trend has been seen in many areas, kiambu, embakasi, nyali to mention but a few.

As much as Mariga is self made…he’s a stooge and a project

Enyewe we Kenyans are a very very backwards people…this kibra one will be a very telling election…hawa watu wamezoea kubebewa akili

Yafesi Musoke is Ugandan, I doubt he is eligible to run.

Hiyo punguza mzigo should have included a clause which states you can only represent an area you’ve been a resident of for atleast a period of time and if you have kids they attend schools in that particular area.
This way leaders will be forced to improve their areas sio mtu anaishi runda na anarepresent Embakasi!! How they hell will they know what Embakasi people need?!

Wanasema he doesn’t have a voter’s card and has never voted, if so, ataondolewa na iebc kama yule kethi kilonzo.


Exactly, on point kabisa

Bonobo bure kabisa. Wengine wanarudishia society their mirrions, drogba et Al yeye amefanya nini?

As much as i don’t care for the guy whatever he does with his money should be his business. Wakenya tunapenda omba omba sana.